[Video] ICC Mob Arena: August 23rd, 2013

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  1. The video is a bit long but features clips from the 3 rounds and then the boss round at the end. Note, that these are selected clips from each round, haha. So, as long as the video is, the event was actually much longer. Lots of action included though, so enjoy. Video is of course from my point of view.

  2. UDDER Justice.... thats just great.
  3. First... aww Dangit!!
  4. NO More HellHounds plz!!!!!:eek:
  5. The death around u while ur just there on creative, UDDER POWER!
  6. That. Was. Epic.
  7. Good sugestion. I will make sure we have more NetherHounds.
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  8. Shoes are too deadly.
  9. I swear, no-one hates enraged zombies more than me, They kill me more then momentus
  10. This was my first mob arena, so I got my behind kicked... and now I get to relive it watching thru the eyes of ICC how bad I really did! (yes, I watched the video and saw when I was blown up by a creeper!) But seriously had a blast (no pun intended) seeing how long I could survive...sans armor, potions, and food.
    Thanks ICC (and others who put this on) for a great time. I will definitely play again in the Mob arena.

    Oh yeah, I got someones chicken mcnugget somehow there too...yum.
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  11. I had left to get armour for the final round so I never noticed, but round 2 was a victory for weird before the thing even started xD
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  12. Who knew that shoes would be the death of so many innocent players...
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  13. Woot! Mob arena! I'll probably be able to join it for the last time on labor day, then that means I'll have to make the most of it. :)
  14. :eek:
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  15. I know to look out for the staff now that I know they fly around to drop mobs... I always thought it was pressure plates
  16. You were watching me when I was being attacked by ~ 20 pigmen, but you weren't looking when I died. Either way, it would have been nice to have a good sword to fight them off. ICC, how many pigmen did you spawn?
    [EDIT]: Out of all of those pigmen, I was blown up by a creeper?!
    [EDIT 2]: I never noticed that imthebannana was killed by the pigmen that were after me. NEVER ATTACK THE PIGMEN!
  17. Silk Touch Sword hmmm Inferno Mines Video Joke?
  18. ermehgawsh i saw myself so many times, and even more in chat! and to think, i went shopping to replace my stolen shoes only a few days ago, and now they have come back to kill...
  19. Did anyone else see in icc's spawn chat the last mob: marlix_vehicle

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