Video Game Music Appreciation

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  1. Thanks, but I knew already. ;) I just play very few games on pc, so it's a waste to buy them. If I would buy a game, I would at least want it free from DRM like Steam, so I could put it on a disk to play it wherever, and hack into the files if I wanted to. But I'm glad that many people do like Steam, I guess, as it's better than smartphone gaming! ;)
  2. I was considering writing a new recommendation, but nah, not right now. I will do something music related, but don't feel like doing this at the moment, for two reasons: firstly, BrawlBRSTMs3 has removed all their Nintendo uploads, after some videos were blocked. This is sad, as that channel had very many soundtracks. They were in extended form, so I didn't use too many of them in this thread, but actually, in some cases it's very nice to have extended videos. I'm sure other channels have uploaded and will upload such videos, but BrawlBRSTMs3 had a very high quality standard and a very broad range of games covered. :(
    Then secondly, I also haven't been able to record video game music, or any music for that matter, myself for a while. My new laptop doesn't work properly, and while my old laptop worked yesterday (thank God as I 'needed' to edit the Piwi Giveaway video) it doesn't work anymore. :(
    I am looking forward to better periods in the future!
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