[Video] Defeating the Wither on SMP5

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  1. Here's a little video of PortalShoo2er and I defeating the wither in the wild in SMP5 :p
  2. Nice video! :D
    I thought the star had disappeared ._.
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  3. I know me too, it freaked me out lol
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  4. Love it!
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  5. Title of video: Defeating Wither under 1 minute.... video lasts 3 mins long :p
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  6. We activated it at :37 and defeated it at 1:27 :D and then we looked for the star for like a minute lollol
  7. You know I find you can do it even faster underground :p
    Have you ever tried that?
  8. No I haven't how does that work?
  9. I'll go into creative and get a pic from you, give me around 5-10 minutes :)

  10. My last picture of actually spawning it didn't turn out but this should be fine. I prefer doing it underground so it doesn't ruin the above ground, so you make your T with the bottom piece encased. So the second picture with the bottom piece showing, except put a block there even though it's not really needed.

    I find it easier cause the wither is contained and you can more easily hit it, even if you still need to use your bow it'll be a much easier shot.

    I'm kinda disappointed the last picture didn't work, it showed the placement much better.
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  11. Thanks so much!
    We'll try that way next time :D
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  12. That was awesome :D
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  13. Yeah I think it can make it a bit easier, but lol... If you hit a ravine, the wither is gonna have some fun haha.
  14. Thank you so much everyone! :D
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