[Video] A tour of 16087, Casa Del Keph

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  1. October 7th, 2012, I tore down my sandstone home on SMP6 and moved to 16087 on SMP8.
    I had no plan, no schematics, and largely no idea what I wanted to do with the place -
    only the vague notion that I could build better than before.
    June 14th, 2013, the last block fell into place and my home was at last complete.

    Now that the Residence Contest is over, I feel comfortable sharing this with you all. While I've never been one to toot my own horn, so to speak, three screenshots simply aren't enough to summarize all there is within (and above) my walls. My sincere thanks to everyone who paid me a visit during the contest, particularly those who voted for it. But if you didn't, or couldn't, have a look around for yourself, perhaps this will suffice.

    I feel it important to mention, I don't "collect" heads. The few who mark my Founder's Hall are individuals who in one way or another helped me to shape my vision and bring it to life. Among them, I must extend special gratitude to FailDeadly, whose encouragement/demand that I complete my home, along with donations of sandstone and netherbrick, enabled me to resume work on the place after several months spent in the wild.
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  2. at 2:04 :D
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  3. Ah yes, the young cactus-child of Lamar and Lauren. I wonder how their honeymoon is going...
  4. They haven't gone yet
  5. Who did that amazing video?
  6. I loved the music and the house! I can see why you got 3rd! Great Job :D. SO much better than mine :)
  7. Um... wouldn't call it that amazing, but 'tis my own work. I used World Downloader to make a copy and put it in Creative, then the Camera Studio mod for getting most of the shots.
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  8. I'm not one for texterpacks but i like yours. what is it?

  9. A customized version of Painterly I created with the help of my girlfriend, and input from other friends. I developed a fondness for Painterly when I went looking for "default, but better" style packs, and it's continued to evolve from there.
    If you wish, you can download it from my Dropbox - since most of the work is at least based on Painterly however, I'm not posting it publicly on any of the modsites.
  10. Keph hush you did an amazing job :)
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  11. I appreciate that. You know I don't compliment well. :oops:
  12. Yes but i know you appreciate it :)
  13. Looks great, I am a pretty good designer myself but I am terrible with survival. I admire a person who could make such an amazing creation. I am just to lazy to get my hands dirt. :/
  14. Thank you :) Honestly, Creative is nice but there's more satisfaction completing a project in Survival, where you need to work for the materials.
  15. I'm still looking for a cameraman to film 104 for me =p And I mean, thoroughly film it. Catch every aspect :D! Are you up for the job :D?
  16. Perhaps, but the place needs to be finished up. ;) still too many big, bare, empty rooms, and your chandeliers aren't done either. When it's complete though... we'll see :)
  17. This is amazing, your house is truly an inspiration to other Minecraft builders out there. I absolutly love to build, although im not amazing at making something look good. :confused:
    You sir, have made something amazing, and you truly deserve a lot of recognition and a pat on the back :D
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  18. Thank you :) As I said to Baby_Cookies, I don't compliment very well, but the praise is always appreciated and very nice to hear. I put a great deal of time and effort into the place and I'm glad others enjoy it too.