Viacom Ripped of Youtube!

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  1. Hey I just watched Mike Mozart of JeepersMedia on Youtube and he pointed out that Viacom has uploaded many Youtubers videos, without approval and copyright documents from the creators of the videos! Even one of his videos, a review for a failed Batman squirt gun, was put up, without his permission. So many others, even ones with links to catergories under "youtube" and coppercab", are put in the tags! We need to help Youtube, and bring down viacom! Don't go to their sites! One person may not be enough, but how about 150 million youtubers and other people?!?!?

    *Note I do not own anything mentionioned in this post, but I am a loyal Youtuber
  2. Yeah, look it up on Youtube. Here's the name of his video showing it "Viacom Stole From YOU the Youtube Community @JeepersMedia #Viacom Fails Mike Mozart"
    I do not own the video, and this is My opinion, not Youtubes, not Googles, so if anyone from Viacom is viewing this, I'm Sorry. But go on youtube and Look up Mike Mozart Batman. and look at its similarities to your video. They are the exact same! And did you give any Credit to Mike Mozart or JeepersMedia?
  3. Its sarcasm buddy
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  4. I know, but read the post above. Reload the page, it doesn't update live
  5. As a matter of fact, in the video, Mike shows us the message that the site gives you that encourages copyright infringement. Which is, illegal. Now again, this is just what Mike thinks. Not Youutbe or Google.
    And I agree.
  6. Viacom owns over 150 Media Networks such as BET, MTV, VHI, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, Spike, and even Paramount Pictures. 2% of the world probably won't even bruise their shins...
  7. I know, but look at how Hungry Bengal Kitten got changed to Very Hungry Kitten, on Spike, owned by Viacom and the tags don't point to Youtube or back to Youtube at all!
  8. I guess your right though. They are massive. And again all this is my opinion. So if someone from Viacom is reading this, I;m sorry this is my opinion. Though the video belongs to Mike Mozart and what he says is his opinion. So I am sorry.
  9. I'm not from Viacom Im just stating the facts. It's pretty difficult to take down a company with a revenue of $13.5 billion.
  10. I know, Im just telling anyone from Viacom that this is my opinion.
  11. Not true. If a lawsuit is put on them, it can kill them in a few days. Also, if their stock were to drop a lot, it could also kill it.
  12. I know that they own Nick from the video, and I think MTV? I'm not sure look at the video to see a a list and Mike's opinion.
  13. Also your "Stewie Griffen PJ's" ... Viacom.
  14. *Stewie Line* Blast! :D:(
    I don't own Family Guy or anything from Fox or Viacom
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  16. I highly doubt a lawsuit on the leading media network provider would take them down.
  17. I get it, please don't remind me. (Stewie PJ's) Good Point (law suit)
    I don't agree with the lawsuit unless they stole a video from me. and I don't have an account to make videos.
  18. If the person who sues them wins, it could do some damage.
  19. You are right, but for now I'm just sticking to my opinion and Mike.