Very tired of people ruining my game

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  1. I am so sick and tired of working on something nice with my boyfriend and when we stop to admire all we did BOOM someone tears it all down. Then a week later I'm feeling good thinking YAY they will leave us alone and NOO now they make a huge lava waterfall on our land :( Seriously... people please grow up. Be creative on your own piece of wilderness.

  2. Can you start a convo with me stating the cords and what smp it is because that player is griefing.
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  3. Might I suggest Private Messaging a moderator on the forums? Some of the most active Staff are:




    And Many Many More :D

    Start a conversation with them detailing the griefs so they can smash these players with their titanium ban hammers :)
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  4. Ninja'd... xD
  5. If anyone EVER griefs you report it to staff. :) Also, I suggest moving a few thousand blocks farther away from any spawn. :)
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  6. Pure Bedrock made Ban Hammers, only use the best.
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  7. I see Dwight got this... GOOD... cause I was gonna....
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  8. Wait what?
    In case you're unaware, I am sort of associated with lava waterfalls. The use of lava waterfalls in griefing is seriously not cool, whoever did this thought they were being awesome by copying me.
    Please, accept 1,000r from me to help you get back on your feet, I feel slightly responsible for this because of the method of griefing used, and I'm sorry for your loss.
    You're also very welcome up in the City of Wrem, a wild community on SMP9. We're heavily monitored by moderators and the community will do its best to cover any extremely rare griefing incidents which arise. :)
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  9. ha Ha .. do i start another barn again? 2 for 3? =)
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