very sorry

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  1. I have been makinh bad decisions that I did not know inwas making I thought I was aloud but I will be back on when it gets straightened out me and aikar are talkingnthings out hidenseek will be up I n no time
  2. wat
    EDIT: I dont understand what your saying
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  3. If this is an appeal, this is the wrong way to do so, pm a moderator to get things sorted out. The empire can forgive your bad decisions :)
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  4. He is saying sorry, he said he is working the ban out with Aikar, I think. :p

    Can't wait to see you come back boomer.

    I have been making bad decisions that I did not know I was making, I thought I was allowed but I will be back on when I get it straightened out with Aikar and then hide 'n' seek will be up in no time

    Translation for Bro :3
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  5. Yea thxcxx ac