Vault Is Broken?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Rocket_Stone, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Mine works
  2. I'm starting to believe that Messed up things are only happening to me :confused:

    By the way: would you know what causes The Chest to look Military like? as it shows in the Picture? I do not have a texture pack, its default.
  3. Hey thats my shop :p
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  4. i can vault it for you if you would like
  5. That be Nice :D I'll need them in SMP2 :/
  6. ok meet my alt on smp9 in my shop saintmike77
  7. so we just attempted to have me sihip the iron over for her and same issue with the vault
  8. That's 2 people who are experiencing Vault Issues :/
    I Believe there should be more or just a few who are.
  9. The new chest textures are just there for Christmas Eve. That's what "A Christmas surprise" in the launcher's change log is all about. ;)
  10. Thank you For the feed Back :)
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  11. My Vault don't work and I'm new one here
  12. Just make sure Aikar/ICC know about it and Aikar can fix it - he's usually pretty efficient when working on surprise bugs like this. :)
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  13. Those that are having vault issues... is it just on SMP9?
  14. I just tried on SMP7 and it opened.
  15. well I've tried on SMP2 and SMP9 and it wont open, but my other account can open on Both SMPs so I guess its a Glitch at Random targets?
  16. vault works on my main acount now that i was able to test it still not on the alt
  17. We've informed Aikar about the problem, he's looking into it now, but we don't have a lot of time, with it being Christmas eve, and all..

    Is this the first time you've ever opened your vault?