Vault in Frontier

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  1. I wish we could use vault in frontier,its hard to have to run back and forth inbetween building stuff instead of being able to pack it all and just go out :confused:
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  2. -1 So your saying go out go mine put in vault kill ya self simple
  3. You can always use an enderchest to carry some extra supplies although vault in the frontier would be handy.
  4. This isn't a suggestion its a discussion.:p
  5. That was a discussion and was never confirmed or accepted.
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  6. Pretty sure that was also for the mail system, since if you try to use it in the wild it'll give a notification.
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  7. I think that options for this will be eventually looked upon. In a million Aikar years when we get empires set up, I would guess that we would be allowed to use vaults while in the confines of an empire. Anyways, you will be able to teleport to town from an empire, (and vice versa) so there is no reason to deny us the ability to use vaults in empires.

    I doubt that vault will ever be allowed everywhere in the frontier/wild. It would be too overpowered. Honestly, I have twelve vaults, so I could just throw twelve double chests of materials in and go out to the wild. It is even more overpowered the other way. People like to mass farm items, like iron and gold. They would be able to bring back over 373,000 iron ingots per run if they had twelve vault pages.
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  8. Inread it as it was implying that sorry for any confusion :p
  9. No im saying its nice to go out and build in the frontier but i cant take everything i want with me.
  10. I think it should be a supporter perk. And even if you have 5 pages it should still cost 10r. Just my 2 cents :D
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  11. I agree,this would help.
  12. Just wanted to point this out, the title says "Vault in Frontier." You're not supposed to mine in the Frontier. :p
  13. Actually, it is not hard if you know how to do it fast and efficiently.

    "Running back and forth" - probably means you have not yet figured out how to solve the transportation problem.
    It is part of the game to master this.

    By introducing the vault in the Frontier, we would make the game easier.
    But easy game is a boring game.
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  14. agreed
  15. I use a very fast horse. So, It tatkes only 2 minutes from one place to another. :)
  16. Yea but the place i currently go to is underwater so it would be nice to not have to boat out there all the time.
  17. I was issued one on joining the server and paid 40k rupees for the next four :eek: so I didn't have to pay 10 r each time to use them. I am glad it is not just a supporter perk. Just my 2 cents. :D
  18. I agree that it is somewhat of a pain to make runs to town for large buildings, I rarely ever visit town other than to drop off valuables I get in the frontier and most of my buildings are built using the natural materials in my environment. I also have a railway so getting to town is very fast and easy.
  19. The only problem is rails get griefed,although id put an underwater railway someone will just go in and destroy it.
  20. I feel like I was already shot down for this idea...