/vault 50

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  1. So I can now /vault 50.

    My part in the economy busting.

    Doubt I'm the first - but anyone else 1/2 mil short and have /vault 50.

    Oh, and Aikar - any wild page ideas yet?
  2. I believe the wild page is already active. I costs another million dollars.
  3. hmm well... not worth that :) but whatever
  4. Haha good job :p
  5. So, what do you need 50 vault pages for?
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  6. If you did.jpg
  7. I guess selling those memberships helped a lot! Congrats :p
  8. Wow, I'm impressed. Now your challenge is to actually find a situation in which you will need 50 double chests worth of virtual teleportation storage space. :D
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  9. Lol I have 5 pages right now (I have never donated).
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  11. What is this
    "wild page"
  12. It was basically an idea of a player that ICC and Aikar liked; it suggested that diamond supporters that had 100 vault pages (when it was 100) had the option of buying or opening vault pages in the wild.

    I'm pretty sure it wasn't going to happen, but I think they wanted something similar. You can read about it here.