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  1. I was thinking, vanish?, the /vanish command would be a nice thing to have, in town when you have become a supporter, i was think when you are a diamond and gold supporter you can do this. not just in utopia but anywhere over the empire.

    what do you think ?
  2. Sorry, i dont see this happening. Griefing and stealing is possible. I feel it should be reserved for staff only.
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  3. how could the griefing and stealing happen ?
  4. You could break blocks when no one is looking.

    You could also troll.

    I vote no.
  5. The vanish ability is reserved for staff to allow them to observer situations without being noticed or disturbed. As a non staff players, there's really no point to being able to vanish. Turning chat off is as easy a way to not be disturbed.
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  6. how could people do this when it will be in town. and you cant troll in town.
  7. i wasn't thinking of it being a way to stay un notice just a way, so you can feel free with it :D and go where ever you want with people not knowing where your going
  8. Or we could just enable invisibility potions again?
  9. yes this would work, but if people moan at /vanish, its the same but i still think its a good idea
  10. Invisibility is a big griefers tool along with a source for trolling. This ability is senior staff and admin use only for a reason. You say you want to get around town without people seeing you, but there would be no way for staff to catch people that fly, speed hack, etc.

    For this reason, this ability will stay staff only
  11. ok now i understand why it would be a problem, because of fly hacks, thanks for telling me that :D
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  12. You're welcome. Sometimes there are reasons that no one thinks about until they are reminded.
  13. ok thanks, now time to think of something new :D
  14. Heh heh heh, yes you can.:D
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  15. Not with res message prefixes :p
  16. Macros mod + Herobrine skin = lots of nooby fun. :D
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  17. There are ways o_o