[Vacation] School is out, Summer is in

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  1. For most of us summer has arrived or it is right around the corner. Why don't we post pictures about our summer? Are you tanning in beaches or playing minecraft all day? Riding rides in theme parks or sippin' a smoothie under some shade. What ever it is, post here!! Maybe you will meet a Empireminecraftainan :p on your trip! Be sure to put some pictures to. I try to do the same. :)
    Have a great summer!!!
  2. Lucky!
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  3. You too! Im going to Hawaii, and Speed camp for summer. ENDLESS MC.
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  4. Im gonna be in Paris and then in Italy to see friends and family.
  5. I would post pictures and whatnot, but it would be very boring as all I am going to be doing is

    And Minecraft. Lots and lots of Minecraft.
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  6. I'm doing INSANITY with my family :)
    Then basketball and soccer camp.
    Then my mom is going to Savannah to run her marathon.
    And the were goin capiming at the beach for about 2 weeks

    Does anyone know what insanity is? Google it.
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  7. IM SO FAR OF VACATION (10 work days actually)
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  9. I'm going to Wyoming for a week or two, then to Oregon for a week, then back to Alaska for two months.
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  10. Where i come from, everyday is summer
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  11. there is not point in posting pics this is all I do!!!:D

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  12. Im afraid ( some of)my summer will be with out minecraft as my grandmas house has no internet:( But hopefully I can upload pictures of the beach and me with mt friends.:)
  13. For me,I still have to wait 1 and 1/2 month.I am going to get supporter rank.
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  14. Me too:)
  15. I'm gonna be chillin' at the lovely warm beaches during Winter in Australia. ;)

    ...luljkMinecraft. *cleans glasses*
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  16. What is a summer vacation?
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  17. A holiday which last about 1-3 months in my country
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  18. He/she's joking, lol.
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  19. I have glasses too:p
  20. Ah. Well I wouldn't know because I'm not in school.

    Yes it was a joke, because not everyone here is in school( though even colleges have some semesters during summer) or is a teacher. Also she.
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