[Vacation] I'm going to Washington DC!

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  1. Hey guys, at the moment I am about to head off to sleep and preparing for a 9-10 hour drive and probably 2-3 days of driving. My family and I are headed out to our nations capitol (usa that is ;)). We live in Omaha, Nebraska so that is in the center of the US and we have to go about ehh 900 miles?

    Luckily I am a tech master and have hooked up a 9in portable DVD player to a Wii and have brought about 20 games and several DVD's. (I have done this several trips and it totally makes these car trips worth it :D)

    I will be on my cell phone hopefully being active on the forums and everything to see if anyone is in DC and wants to meet up :).

    I know it sounds weird to meet up in DC but what could go wrong lol? Being a tourist is a blast! Exploring new places that completley baffle you and make the drive there worth it :)

    If anyone has any suggestons for places to visit in DC list them please! I will take them all into consideration!

    IF for some reason you live in the DC area and have free time next week, maybe bored of MC for some reason also; hang with me and my family! We would love some guidance and local tours! We have a couple of relatives and friends who live close to DC in the suburbs so we are staying with them :p.

    I am bringing my laptop but, my Grand Caravan 201 van's electric outlet doesnt have enough voltage to power it so no MC until at the hotel or relatives :p.. I hopefully don't need to PM ICC to make sure my res doesn't go derlict lol now that would stink.

    Well I will check what has been posted here in the morning as I am extremely pooped, Night!
  2. I heard the Smithsonian is absolutley amazing and that you could spend a whole day there :O. I can't wait for tommorow but I do need my sleep lol
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  3. Hey, have fun on your trip! I love DC; very entertaining place to visit. :)
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  4. Been there- so much fun. My recommendation is to not waste any time while there. I dont know how long you will be there; but unfortunately there is no way to see everything. Have fun! (Derelict policy does not apply to supporters)
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  5. I just remembered I am a supporter lol! Good thing I still have it until the 26th we will be back by the 22nd.. Yeah we plan on having our day packed day in and day out. I really want to go to NYC for a day but my parents said no :\. ( I am from a city of 260k, nothing like 4+ million lol)
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  6. Well we are officially on the rode! We left a little later than expected. Today's goal for driving 647 miles! D: and since I'm 15 I am going to be driving some of it :confused: 'cause I gots mah permit :p.

    Update on OP: Found out my laptop does work in the car! Gunna play SSP hack/mine tekkit and regular mc :p.
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  7. Awsome! I went there last year and saw my dads collage, Gorgetown.
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  8. The national cathedral is beautiful.

    Of course, contact a Nebraska rep at the capital building and you can get a tour by their interns. That is an amazing trip.

    My favorite Smithsonian was the American History - or maybe the Air and Space.

    Visit the Library of Congress. You don't get to see the books unless you wait forever in line to get a library card. But the building itself is one of the most spectacular in DC. It was beautiful.
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  9. I am in Italy I have been to Paris and England today we went to the colisemen I don't no how to spell that.
  10. i live in Nebraska too
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  11. Ima going to DC, but I am not gonna meet up with you. I am wearing a minecraft shirt, so if you see a guy wearing an MC shirt thats me, and if you REALLY need to, come talk to me.
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  12. I hope you have a fun and safe trip:)
  13. Bah. Whats fun a bout being safe? Oh wait, NOTHING!
    These people wouldnt know danger if it went up to them and snapped their little pink bras! ~Cave Johnson
  14. Go to the National Air and Space museum it's amazing btw I thought permits were in same state only.
  15. I dont think they are.
  16. They are state only, I'm sneaking past :p.. Although my Driver's Ed dude told me to just contact the states that I am driving through and tell them that I am driving through the state on a permit incase I get pulled over lol.. But, I forgot to do that lol...

    10:40am update past Ames, Iowa nearing east side of Iowa soon!
  17. i live in ohio so a 50min flight to Baltimore and a drive to dc and im thare
  18. have fun, don't die (happens in lava a lot). and don't get eaten by the Lincon memorial
  19. That's what I thought haha, be sneaky. (not that I'm encouraging it or anything)
  20. I live in NYC :p