/v +racing Grand Opening!

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  1. Hey folks! So recently I finished a race track I was working on. In celebration, I'm doing a race! It'll be on Saturday 21, at 7:30 (EMC time) on smp4, /v +racing, free to play and free to watch.
    I'll be holding heats to prevent overlapping confusion. The heats will have two players in each of them. If you are coming, please tell me here so I can arrange for how many heats to hold. Also, there are no Dancers or Rudolphs allowed.
    Hope to see yall there! :D
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  2. Cool! Is the race today?
  3. Oh man I forgot to put it in. It's on Saturday 21, 7:30 pm (EMC time)
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  4. Sounds like fun! :)
  5. Does sound like fun. I'd like to enter.
  6. wow, great idea I'm coming!