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  1. I think in order to have the +mall tag, you should actually have an active, open mall before you're allowed to add it.

    It gets really frustrating typing /v +mall over and over again to only find myself in these gigantic, and albeit very nice builds but with NO MERCHANDISE.
  2. https://empireminecraft.com/threads/emc-shops-and-attractions-v2.44590/#post-833163

    For those who are looking, this is a list of registered shops by the owners or players that use the shops regularly. I believe it's updated monthly so you can rest assured that these are up to date (unless they've closed within a week).

    While I do this /v +mall is abused by people who either A. Don't have a mall but plan to use the tag in the future. Or B. People who use it them forget about it and leave it. Either way, you can use the list above or contact the owner of the res and ask them to remove their tag. :)
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