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  1. Well, I'm new to the server and when I started I got my plot and decided to go get some resources... I went to the frontier and I am now stuck here (lol im a nub). Could someone please tell me how to get back to the town?? I did /town /res [my res name] /home /spawn and /back, I cant seem to get back could someone help :D
  2. Use the live map to see where you are:

    You can click your name and it will show you. Make your way back to the nearest outpost. Once you are inside the protected zone, you can type /home or /town

    Also, /waste is for mining resources. /frontier is for people to build homes and keep as nice as possible.

    Good Luck :)
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  3. Once you are in the wild, the only way back to town is the portal you came from. This is to ensure a real survival experience and you can also face the dangers of the real wild. It may help you if you look at the top of this page, click community, click servers, and whichever server you are on, click the live map for it. Check in game that you will show up on the live map by doing /map show, and click your name on the lower right hand corner. You will see your head, and probably something that looks like spawn, so head towards that.

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  4. if you type /p you can see what server you are logged into if you don't remember :)