Utopian Public Blaze Grinder

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  1. Fully Working, Ethos' Style Icecream Cone Blaze Grinder.

    Server: Utopia

    X: +224 (POSITIVE224)
    Y: 58
    Z: -2193 (NEGATIVE2193)

    Must be in the nether for these coordinates to work.

    There is also a nether wart farm set up nearby, along with a few chests, which I have removed the locks from. Enjoy!

    Oh, and the other image is an entryway, if you go to that spot, its really easy to get to the grinder, as the path inside the fort is lit up for you.

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  2. no way... you rock! probably wont check it out for a while though, seeing as my laptop still has a few internet kinks to work out :(
    but ethos style? dang that must have taken forever(!) what with all the blaze spawning, ghasts spitting, and the amount of resources required!
  3. It actually only took me about 2½ hours to build. The resources required, I brought that from the overworld, but the grinder itself is built entirely out of nether brick, so a lot of the resources that was used came from the nether.

    Also, ghasts weren't of a major problem as I built a box to keep them from spitting at me, though I did have one or two close calls with the lava below the grinder had I had not brought fire resists with me as I was building the thing.
  4. My hats to you , sephirothws
  5. can only gold and diamond members use it?
  6. in utopia yes. only gold and diamond can use the wild. you can still visit utopia town!
  7. What he said, the town is nice huge projects everywhere :)
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  8. :(
  9. well supporters have their perks! otherwise there would be no reason other than a blue, grey, or gold flashy title!
  10. Not so.

    The idea of "Supporter" is, if you think EMC is great, you donate some money to help 'em keep it great.

    The perks are supposed to be a side benefit.

    Hence "supporter", not "subscriber".
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  11. I always wanted to see a blaze spawner !!!
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  12. Nice :)
    Died on the way out there becuse of a stupid EMC bug
  13. Me too :( 10k worth of items GONE *starts to cry* :(
  14. I lost like 18 stacks of diamonds -.-
  15. Wow 18 stacks
  16. Who carries 18 stacks of diamonds with them - anywhere let alone the nether. I feel no sympathy for you.
  17. Argh! Must.... Change.... To Gold..... XP
  18. Melodytune, I was going to this grinder so i toke Diamonds and Wood with me for swords :)
  19. There really is no reason to need swords for the grinder. The crusher works pretty dang well at leaving the blaze at a maximum of 2 punches until death.