Utopia Farms?

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  1. So I am working on my utopia res putting in cool farms. But right now I hit a brick wall of what to put in. So I am asking you guys to give me ideas what to put in. Post your ideas down below in the comments.
    Things Put In Now
    Stone Generator (also looking for ideas for back of it design)
    Villager Farm
    Snow Farm
    Auto Smelter
    Cow Cooker
    Things To Put In
    Auto Brewing
    1.9 Auto Tree Farm


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  2. Cocoa beans, cactus farms, auto brewing, villager breeder, villager AI farms (Potato, wheat, carrot, soon beats,) cooked food farms, bread farms (Villager AI,) Thats all I could think of =P
  3. Auto melon and pumpkin farms are fairly simple, and a great way to get emeralds
  4. Ok ty for the ideas
    ty for the ideas
  5. Okay now I have my auto smelter done and still locking for suggestions.
  6. I built tree farms on my utopia res. They could be automated if I wasn't to lazy to do it.
  7. ok I have an idea built for a auto tree farm made but requires 1.9 update so for now I am using someones tree farm
  8. Yeah I'm waiting for 1.9 too because of the new left hand feature. Makes tree farms much more automated.
  9. Yep same idea as me
  10. I just got a new keyboard for Christmas with marcos keys so all I have to do is bind some mouse functions to those keys and set a weight on them. I may not need the weight, I haven't messed with the keys too much yet so I don't know their full abilities.
  11. yea i already got my plan layed out and tried it and it works
  12. Just have to be careful with that. Make sure you are not actually afk. Macros are amazing to reduce fatigue on the hand, but VERY bannable if you aren't physically at the computer while it's executing.
  13. I never usually actually go afk. Usually I just leave my Minecraft open while I watch youtube or something and I just slip into afk status.
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  14. If you use 1/4th of your res you can make the cactus farm I made.. I think I have 10 DC's currently and don't know what to do with them....
  15. Ok may be implemented later but right now I am the same I got 10dcs of it and have no use for it
  16. How did you make your snow farm? I thought we couldn't build snow golems in town :confused: