[!] Utopia Down

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  1. Utopia is currently offline, no-one is able to connect. Please don't make threads about it being down, Bigdavie has already alerted JustinGuy of the problem. :)

    Q: When will it be fixed?
    A: As soon as Justin is able to sort it.

    Q: Why's it offline?
    A: No idea.

    Q: Will I lose my stuff?
    A: Unless Justin has turned evil, probably not.
  2. No hamster? Disappointed in you Jack :p
  3. Dear Servers,

    I understand for whatever reason, you like to be an ass and go down for no reason. We've come to accept that. However, could you meet us in the middle and go down sometime during the REGULAR hours of being awake during the day so I don't feel guilty calling and waking up Justin at all odd hours? I hope you can understand and come to an agreement with us, servers.



    (Just called Justin. He's looking into it.)
  4. ... I hope he does not turn evil > : P

    LOL that's good IceCreamCow , I think I should write to the serves too :p
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  5. Up and running again, thx! At least its not that bad when just one of the 10 server is down. It's far worse when all emc isn't reachable. (When this happens to me, its usually the internet between europa and U.S. or mojang's login servers.)
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  6. Who jackbiggined the server, eh?
  7. I was just gonna blame jack to be honest.
  8. awwww , fluffy cat :D
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  9. The problem is the restart script some times does not fully start the server, so the automated reboots cause it to ... not start sometimes..

    Just havent had the time to try to rewrite the scripts, as initial debugging has all failed into figuring out why it does this.
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  10. Sorry all, I fixed it within a few minutes of Jeremy waking me up last night. As Aikar said, sometimes on the automated restart the server fails to start again. At my initial look into it I can't see why this is happening. I am either going to have to setup a bunch of debugging for the script or setup another script that makes sure the server started properly.
  11. Servers: thCA5WI81B.jpg
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  12. I think since the upgrades nearly every server has crashed at least once. I think they're in shock at just how awesome EMC is and can't handle it.
  13. Maybe they are just tired of Ice cream cow beefing up the place....
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  14. images.jpg
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