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  1. Hello everyone, i just woke up at 3 Am at the morning and i cant sleep back, what do you guys n girls usually do thses times?
  2. I stare at the wall until i fall back asleep, or i pretend i'm a DJ and i rock until the morning xD
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  3. That is a scary question to ask.
  4. I cant get asleep without a youtube vid, try watching something and turn it down quiet, but so u can still hear it
  5. to begin with i went to bed at 0:30 Am, now calculate how much i slept, just asking for advices is scary? then 911 is a terrorist itself (sarcasm[yes i always type this when being sarcastic])
  6. Count mooshrooms and hope a zombie didn't break down the door.
    But…I usually let my imagination go wild and end up in another lucid dream.
  7. I myself simply lie there, thoughtless trying to fall asleep again.
  8. I do not sleep, so I don't really know what to tell you. But you can play on EMC until you fall back asleep.
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  9. kinda familiar, i most the times get afraid i ll have a nightmare so i cant even sleep at all (usually i dream a blank space of nothing or something stupid)
  10. Start counting while laying down... it might take few.. but that always works for me.
  11. dont want to have the power bills up the... ceiling
  12. Hey, blank spots are great. Fill it with balloons and an elephant! And a bass guitar. And erm…a sofa.
    Dreams are never stupid IMO. It's your dream, why would it be stupid? Others might find it stupid, so what?

    When I can't sleep, I just browse my dream channel hub. You could try to create one.
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  13. Oops, read your question wrong! I read it as basically "What do you all do at 3AM" and was like "O.O, not sure I would want to know!":p
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  14. only at some state (not mental sickness) of the brain while sleeping can dream about what we think, its as rare as emerald ore
  15. How Steve gets to sleep when he has insomnia...counting sheep...
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  16. See, my tactic is to stay up till 1 or 2 AM, and then at that point I'm so tired I never have trouble falling alseep XD As a matter of fact, thats what I'm doing right now......

    Sometimes on school nights though if I couldn't fall asleep I would just lay there with my eyes closed thinking about nothing but taking long, deep breaths. It sometimes worked.
  17. Drink some Tea, look outside the window and see the beauty of the night.