Urgent PC Help for HP Please help!

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  1. So, I was just using it, and it showed a blue screen. It said something about physical memory dumping, AMD Processor or something, and now the PC is really slow, but it seems fine. Anyone know what's going on? It's a HP Pavillion dv6 Notebook, AMD A6-3420M APU Radeon Graphics 1.50 GHz.
    Can anyone help? There are also black lines like static from a T.V, and the sound is messed up, again, this PC also died from malware, could it be that, I don't know. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  2. Is it not working anymore?
  3. sounds kinda like your graphics card took a nose dive
  4. I have the same quad-core unit in my laptop and I get an occasional bsd memory dump.. Not too frequently, once a season thereabouts. One of the last ones was jumping while placing a block in minecraft ironically.. xD
  5. On my old Laptop I ahd this error (but different Proccessor) and it was due to overheating so all the connectors kins of moved rendering the cards internal graphics card to fail There was no fix for mine so I had to completely buy a new one.

    If you can take it down to a computer shop like UK's Maplin and they should be able to find the problem and tell you what you can do.
  6. It still works, yes.
  7. hmm very strange, this may be caused by the malware thing but sounds like it's more likely to be what autumnrain said :)
  8. My grandson's laptop had a similar problem and was caused by overheating due to poor ventillation. It wasn't repairable because basically it was a design fault
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  9. are you my Granddad? xD jk
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