Urgent Help - Minecraft Accounts Not Working

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  1. I have a problem here.. Need help ASAP

    So I just closed my Minecraft and reopened it under a different profile, and it said incorrect password. I retyped it a few times, and I was like waaah so then I went to go reset it. I reset the password, and then I tried to login and it still said incorrect password.. So I reset it AGAIN, and it still wouldn't let me log in. It's not letting me on my other account either and I have also reset it multiple times.

    ..I don't understand this
  2. Oh you're not the only one?! My alt is doing this exact same thing :(
  3. oh wth
  4. It's either a stolen account or activation server is down. Mostly likely #2.
  5. u need to wait about 1 hours for your pass code to reset
  6. The only useful thing I see on that page is checking if Minecraft is still attached to my Mojang account, which I cannot exactly do as I can't log into the Mojang website. Like I said, when I reset my password, it still didn't work.
    I can 110% guarantee you I bought my accounts personally with legit US dollars lol.
  7. Thank you for this information. I am still puzzled on how my old password magically stopped working, and coincidentally stopped working on my other account as well. You'd figure if I got hacked it would be one after the other, not at the same time.
  8. You know what you must do? MIGRATE YOUR ACCOUNT!!! That was my problem.
  9. it depends it isn't the strangest thing
  10. Have you migrated your account? If so, make sure you are using the email and not the username.
  11. Screw migrating :p That's for the standard people, you're way cooler if you just completely ignore that :D
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  12. Yah. Sure would love to be cooler than play Minecraft.
  13. Maybe some guy at Mojang was working on the Username/Password database and he accidentally pressed the button that deleted your password. Who knows if this is true, as it could be XD. Try entering no password when signing in.
  14. That'd be rather catastrophic, being able to log in as anyone, lol.
  15. It's migrated and I used my email.
  16. It is working now with the new password. That was strange.
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  17. *clap clap* Yay, it's working again!