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  1. Ok, there are a few in the community that know about my less than ideal computer situation. Problems include my q, w, and e buttons not working; battery doesn't hold a charge. Hinge is broken (Laptop), the Hard Disk is damaged somehow which causes some software issues, and other less important miscellaneous issues.

    Having said this, I think I might finally be close to having enough money which I can afford to buy a new computer. I have chosen to go for a very good laptop. Reasons I decided against a Desktop include the fact I am in college and mobility can be Fairly important.

    So... I do need a little bit of help. I have no idea of how to go about finding a computer to purchase online. So if you have any websites that could help my search; perhaps which name brands I should go after. I know my spending cap, and may go into specifics on what I want later on in this thread.
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  2. I think your new computer should include a working W button. ;)
  3. yes, that would probably be a bit of a deal-breaker.
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  4. Buy an alienware ;)
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  6. should have clarified. Alienware is one thing I don't plan on spending my money on. Sure the top of the end items are really good. But I am NOT paying for the name. >.>
  7. Buy a Mac ;) :p

    But seriously, as Jack said, get a working W key :p.
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  8. have someone make you a computer? Or watch tutorials :p
  9. I have an Asus G75X, it's over half the price of an Alienware and it works just as fine.
    It's awesome for games, only problem I find is the weight, it's about 9lbs, so mobility is somewhat an issue (it's still a laptop though :p).
    Highly recommended
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  10. I wouldn't recommend alienware - they are made by a branch of dell - and imo they are made quickly and not always efficiently. Hewlett Packard lasted for me pretty good, but the area where the power supply goes broke off on the inside from the motherboard and the chargers burned out.

    If it's for gaming and work I might recommend Toshiba or Samsung or MSI (though most gaming ones are kind of bulky) since they are versatile with design to be multitask labtops and hold onto very decent reviews.

    If it's for strictly gaming I might recommend ASUS or even Razer Blade - they were both on the high standards for 2012-2013 labtop review of the years.

    I am more into custom desktops - but you should be able to find some sites online to customize labtops too - if you want a custom - maybe try http://newegg.com to see what they have

    ps) I wouldn't recommend using tigerdirect ... I asked some computer stores when I was upgrading my computer where they get their items from - and they said basically to use newegg not tiger because items might appear new (and they might not ever have been used) ... but they are shipped to a warehouse in china and are stored there so long that the warranties expire - so even if you get them new, the warranties might not be valid still.
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  11. Yeah, I have a friend that offered to build me one. But I decided against it, no matter how cool it would be. Maybe if I end up with extra money lying around in a few years - doubtful
  12. My friend just got a new laptop which is pretty good. I'll try and find out exactly what it is.
  13. Alienware.
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  15. Go with a Hp laptop. They are great and powerful computers. They are very durable and you can upgrade them if needed. they are low on cost. you can customize your own for under 1500.
  16. There are way to many options for computers out there. I have been looking for a while, and am no closer to figuring out what I want. lol
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  17. Whats your price range? Is bluray important? Minimum ram? Screen size?
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  18. Yeah, I am slowly working these details out. Didn't get far on not knowing that stuff. lol

    For my price Range; I NEED to keep it under $1000, but am really aiming for the $800 price area. (If I can go cheaper and get everything I want, that would be great also).
    Bluray: Ehh, hadn't really thought about it. It isn't a priority for me.
    RAM: current computer has 3GB; definitely want to upgrade from that, so 6 to 8 minimum.
    Screen Size: current computer is around 15"; Fairly happy with that size actually
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