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What should it's name be?

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Pickaxe peak 7 vote(s) 63.6%
Black rock ridge 4 vote(s) 36.4%
  1. I have been very busy today on building all kinds of structures. First, let's go to my res, 3349.
    Back at 3349 I have made some changes to the village. ( Village? More like a few buildings :D )
    But I started making a dent in the underground shop, citadel. It has a seasonal shop that's closed, but it sells themes of the upcoming holidays. I need to stock for Christmas still. I haven't it around to that yet.
    Also, the citadel has 8 villagers itch pretty useful items that you can trade with, with an emerald shop. ( by the way, did I mention that you ab buy ads for 1r a sign?)

    Okay now we're gonna head over to my alternate account's residence ( 3891) I said it was a surprise in another thread but now I'm spilling the beans. I am going to create an EMC ski resort. It will have 2 chairlifts, a lodge, a hotel, and possibly a restaurant as well as some night skiing. Some things that I will buy or accept donations for below.

    Pine logs, oak planks or logs, iron bars, glass blocks, nether brick fence. Glowstone, emerald, black wool, and potions/food.

    -Endy :D
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  2. Sounds good :)
  3. Thanks guys. If either of you two want to help build the lodge/hotel I'm on smp2 in 1 minute :D
  4. I need more people to vote for name!!!!!!
  5. I am almost finished the lodge! All I need to do is puta roof on it, make rooms, put signs inside, and then it's open for public. Once the base lodge is open to public. After the lodge is finished, I will make the actual mountain. After that is finished (that's probably gonna be tomorrow) it's Doppelmayr time! And then snowmaking, and then finishing touches, and we're open to public. I am definitely going to need many snow blocks as well as black wool. Iron bars and nether brick fence too.
  6. Good news! I have finished the base lodge An hour ago!
  7. Pickaxe peak grand opening today! Open lifts:creeper quad. Open trails: quarry, enderman, and block hill.

    remember, the residence is 3891 and it's on smp2.

    (happy EMC anniversary to me :D )
  8. Right now all players can reserve hotel rooms. They are all 20r each. Use this thread to plan ahead, it's the only you can get a room by the slopes
  9. Screenshots?
  10. I'll try i forgot how to download them. I'll ask my brother for help.
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  11. I invited people to come look at it. 7/8 didn't see that the ski lift worked while 8/8 loved it :D thanks guys!
    Also, I have just finished the new valley lift. (Double chairlift, it works too :D)
    Night skiing is possible too, still only 3 trails open. I spent a whole half hour getting snow so that's subject to change.
    Remember, if you ever want to see it, come to res 3891 smp2. Use this thread to reserve a hotel room for you and your friend (s) if you ever want to go skiing!
    -Endy :D
  12. Are you using a mac or PC?
    (Yea I can help with both :))
  13. I'm usually posting with an ipad1 but I occasionally use my windows computer. Why?
  14. Also another announcement :D I opened the new valley area but I'm working on the freestyle park currently. Skiing is free but tomorrow I'm probably gonna charge rupees for lift tickets.
  15. Anybody want hotel rooms? Skiing fanatic or not, I have rooms with some pretty nice views of the mountain I call pickaxe peak.
    Groups can stay in the same room if they desire. It is a rather small hotel though but I'll expand it if I need to. Use this thread to reserve for singles or groups and I can hooky you up.
  16. Also, Any people who want to help me mine or supply snow, I would love some help. Only 2trails left to open and then we are on our way to business I tells ya!
  17. You do know it's kinda funny that I am seeing an ad for my 2nd favorite ski resort right below me XD
  18. Ok then to locate your screenshots do this....
    1. Click on start then click on "run" (Or the search bar is on 7)
    2. Type in %appdata%
    3. open the first folder ".minecraft"
    4. Go into screenshots
    5. Upload them to imgur or directly to the site