[Updated] QuickSmelt (mostly) Instant Smelting SMP9 /v +qs

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  1. A Notice at the bottom of my original thread http://empireminecraft.com/threads/instant-smelting-at-quicksmelt.59697/ says that it's rude to necro a thread so old. But my old shop on SMP9 has FINALLY finished being moved to the new location which houses this utility along with much more. I wanted to re-advertise now that things are ...mostly... finished. So come visit

    Disclaimer: This is still sort of a beta version, it's subject to running out of coal (and/or) backing up, although it has been used quite a bit and seems to be stable.

    Tired of waiting around to smelt your Cobble, Glass, Iron, or Gold?

    ...Wait no more, head over to 18185 (SMP9) and instantly smelt your goods for only 1r per transaction!

    Fully automated, the raw goods are smelted up and queued for the next customer.

    (not sure why this image cropped this way - ...weird) :/

    Just pop your goods in the SELL chest, then (usually) instantly remove your goods on the BUY chest. The markup is 1r - no waiting...

    • Currently we offer Iron, Gold, Stone, and Glass, this could be expanded in the future.
    • Abuse will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
    • Coal can be donated but is NOT required. I have a decent supply of coal to keep it running for now and I'm working on a centralized donation location that will accept multiple fuel types.
    • This has been tested and should work with no issues, but if something backs-up, or the system runs out of fuel I'm sorry. :(
    • I log in regularly and will give best-effort to maintain it like I maintain my shop.
    • Have fun!