Update to 1.3.1 soon?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Eemerald5000, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Me and my younger brother, Dizmondz5000, have been using the 1.3.1 for a while now and we hope you guys can update the server. We love what you provided and we don't want to lose our lots. Is there anyway to downgrade back to 1.2.5? Please hurray and don't get bored. Oh, one last thing, theirs a problem next to weirdoManiac's lot there was a piece of gravel on the road one time. My brother told a moderater and the next time i got on, there was a huge tower of gravel on the road. I don't understand this. So thanks for reading this. Have an awesome day.
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  2. Just download SpoutCraft.
  3. I can assure you that you won't be losing your lots. The derelict policy is paused when a new update, it just wasn't announced this time around. :)

    In my experience, EMC generally takes 2-4 days from this point to have all servers running 1.3.1 :)
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  4. Your not missing out on much anyway (apart from playing) no one is at the moment
  5. You can just download a 1.2.5 .jar file and replace the 1.3 .jar using 7zip or winRAR.
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  6. That's illegal
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  7. off topic but love the sig XD
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  8. IT IS? D: i didn't know :(
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  9. Wait what? Downgrading is illegal?
  10. It is only illegal if you downloaded a .jar and you are not registered as a minecraft user, it is legal if you did register.
  11. apprently changing the .jar is :/
  12. On the minecraft terms it says we can do anything except for using it for griefing :confused:
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  13. i thought that
  14. No, sharing personal jar files is the thing that violates terms and services with Minecraft... You can download old jar from minecraft via the assets page.. I can't post the link from my phone but there are places to find it if you google it.
    @Eemerald5000, EMC and most servers that run any type of plugin whatsoever are dependent on the Bukkit client, I haven't yet played 1.3.1 as I am a mod on 2 other servers that also rely on Bukkit. As of about 20 minutes ago when I last checked, Bukkit still hasn't gotten to even a beta build of the server client. Give Bukkit a few more days and they will have a Stable build made and all of the servers that must hold out to wait on Bukkit for an update will be able to update.
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  15. thanks for the info guys
  16. Oh wow! Only 2-4 days?!?!?! I thought bukkit took 1-3 WEEKS to have the server version of minecraft! That's awesome! :D
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  17. I'm a moderator on 3 other servers, and 1 of them have updated. But the PvP and griefing is out of control and the world is different just until Bukkit updates. I've had to ban about 50 people since 1.3.1 for excessive PvP and greifing. Apparently the lead admin has had to temp. ban 70 people, and perma ban 80 people. There's also 4 other mods, and no doubt they've shared the problems me and the admin have, so consider it luck EMC doesn't do that :p

    Also, for downgrading, I reccomend MUC. It only puts the versions you signed up on up until the current one to download, so it's legal.
  18. It might take longer this time however; I don't think JustinGuy is person updating EMC so I suppose time will tell. It has just been 5-7 days after immediate release in my experience :)
  19. August 7th, probably