update on Bob!

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by FreakedOut, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. I figured I would give an update on Bob and his family, so here goes: They are doing OK. They have a roof over their heads, and Bob is doing odd and end jobs right now while looking for something stable. They are doing OK though. :) they should be back sometime in the future to play with our wonderful community! If anyone would like to talk or send a message just pm me and I will send it on to them! Bob and Nola told me to tell you all thank you, and they will work on paying everyone back soon! They also send their love to EMC! Thanks guys!
  2. Yay for Bob!

    Congrats EMC, we just did something amazing :)
  3. Im glad to hear they are getting back on their feets :)
  4. Thanks for the update. Glad to hear they are keeping well.
  5. :) Glad to hear they are doing well now !
  6. Happy to hear they are okay! :D
  7. So happy for Bob and Nola! This is what EMC does to you: makes you a giver and a fighter. :D