Upcomming project - Setrin Tower

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  1. Just built this amazing build in singleplayer. The build can just fit in my plot, Ill be needing a staff member (If they could) build out on the road i will supply the blocks needed. The build will be build at my plot and will take a god awful amount of time and recsources. The build is approx 55 long 30 wide and 75 tall. (not exact measurements.)
    I'm putting an estimate of about 2 months building. I will be posting update screenshots as the build progresses.
    Construction Has begun. Feel free to donate blocks and money.


    Heres the build as it currently stands in my building world (not the only build there)

  2. let's give this a good ol bump :)
  3. Wow... That is on par with Eclipsys if you ask me. Great job!
  4. Construction has started. Feel free to check the build as its being built at my plot, /v DeadlyAdmin or /v 9414.
    All donations are welcomed.
  5. Giving this a
  6. Commenting to view later when the images aren't blocked on my wifi
  7. front half almost done...
  8. That looks amazing :) Can you use some resource support? If so let me know what it is and the People of Carthaga will try to help you out.
  9. Thanks you so much! Spruce logs, Stome bricks, Cobblestone are the main blocks that I will be needing. any Ammount would be greatly appreciated. There is a dontion chest somewere around the build. Yet agian, thank you,
  10. Looks cool, just fyi only senior staff can build on roads, the cost is 10k and the road still has to be transverse-able.
  11. It's looking great.
    I spoke with my people and there are 3DC of stone bricks coming your way. I'll let you know, when it is ready.
  12. Progress on the back half has been made! Front half has been completed beside the main roof.

    Alright, Thank you so much :)
  13. Wow, you are truly talented architect/builder.

    Sorry, but *Upcoming
  14. Yay, that's going lightning fast! Sorry we are lagging behind with the bricks. But we have some for you now :) I hope you can still use it. Access chest set up on 8097 on smp4.