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  1. As some of you may know, I am BussGIL, the alt of game_is_loading. As this is my first ever post on the EMC forums, I decided to start it off with a bang...

    Over the past 8 days (since I created this account), as very few of you may know, I have been somewhat diligently working on a build on SMP1. It's not too extravagant, or very fancy, as I am not artistic in any way possible. When I began building this structure, I had not intention on what the use would be because there is no way I would be able to supply/pay for a Mega Mall; I just built it. After recent contemplation, however, I have decided (with the helpful suggestion of JMB6362) that the structure will be a... Private Storage Facility at 864!

    Many of you all (myself included) have chests just sitting out in the front yard of your residence. With a membership to the Storage Facility I have planned, you can get rid of all of these chests and transport them to a private unit. They will be easy access, as I plan to have individual teleport rooms, with access doors to each teleport pad, to each unit.

    In terms of sizing and amount of chests in each unit, there will be a wide range from small to "master suite."

    Pricing: The pricing will be based on size of unit, however, I am not sure about how much it will cost per unit yet (reasonable). I will release more information on sizing and pricing along the road when more is completed and it is closer to opening. However, I do know that it will be one fixed cost that will be paid upon purchase of the unit. Once paid, the unit is yours forever, unless you decide you no longer need it, which it will then be available for purchase again by others. Also, in terms of inactivity, the storage units will be similar to residences: the user will lose his/her unit due to inactivity of 10 days (unless I am noticed prior to this absence). But, the user's belongings in the chests will be kept secure and returned upon returning.

    Finally, I would like to know from you guys... Is this a good idea? Will it get used? Are you guys interested in something like this and will you actually use your unit if you were to purchase one?
    Any other tips/suggestions/changes for any of the guidelines or anything? Let me know! :)

    Here are some pics of the building itself; the exterior part of the building is completed (I think), except for landscaping and possibly other curb appeal. The interior, on the other hand, has not been started, other than some simple lighting and staircases in between floors. Enjoy! ;)

    Front of the building.


    Teleports in the Main Lobby, each to an individual unit


    Second Floor - lobby/hallway area in between storage units


    Example of a Storage Unit (about a smallish/medium sized unit, though half the room is not pictured)


    *EDIT* : I'm really struggling with these pictures due to the lack of cooperation with Imgur. Stay tuned for screenshots. :D
    *EDITED EDIT* : Pictures have just beed added (thanks to the help of samsimx). The build is almost complete, and storage units will be on the market soon...Lobby, Second, Third, and Fourth Floors are complete. Fifth is under construction. I am still contemplating what to do for the top Four floors. Stay tuned for prices and more information if you are interested. :)
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  2. Hmmmm..... interesting...
  3. Im thinking people may not trust you, not because you're a bad guy but because they dont know you, and you're asking them to trust you with their valuables.
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  4. Im fine with it, I have storage Units for people to buy myself on smp9, I may buy one of them, depending on the price:), and how many chests there are. I go on smp1 a lot and extra storage might be needed. :)
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  5. The storage units will have access signs for the individual who owns it. While this does not fully lock me from the chest, the result for stealing/griefing is a perma ban, and I am completely aware of that.
  6. Alright, Im just saying, I meant no offense.
  7. As Electrobomb has re-iterated, the storage units will be a great way to have a place to keep items on SMP1, especially if you do not have a res on SMP1. As well, it provides extra storage that is hidden from your res, and of easy access from individual teleport pads to each unit (secured with a trapdoor only the user has access to).

    Likewise, that was not taken the wrong way :)
  8. *Please note this is all personal opinion. Feel free to disagree*

    Not saying this is a bad idea, but there are a whole slew of potential problems with this:
    1) Even if each chest is individually locked behind a door or some other mechanism, you would still have access. I feel this will be hard to get over for many people.
    2) What happens if your character is banned, doesn't sign in for 10+ days, or quits playing? Currently, you are not a supporter. So if someone were to ask for your res to be reset, there are no protections in place to prevent that. And if you were banned or quit playing, the same thing applies: someone could ask for a res reset and the request would be granted.
    3) What happens to a players stuff if they are banned, doesn't sign in for 10+ days, or quits playing? You would have items that don't belong to you and if you take/use them, its technically stealing.
    4) My suspicion about people who "have chests just sitting out in the front yard", as I am one of those people, is because, lets face it, we are lazy. For those of you that disagree with that, perhaps they are there because you haven't built your crazy super awesome place to store your chests yet :) For those lazy individuals like myself, the last thing I want to do is go to another res to store/retrieve my items.
    5) Lastly, paying someone to store my stuff. Something tells me, no matter how little you charge or how convenient the storage area is, /vault which is accessible on any server, anytime, in any town, would be the cheaper, easier solution.
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  9. I have addressed this in a previous post by saying that IF there was an occasion where I stole from a chest (let alone looked in a chest because frankly I don't care what the member would be storing, nor do I want to know), the only possible person that could be responsible is me. Therefore, it would be an easy solution for a mod to just perma ban me.

    I noted in the description that if someone was to get banned or did not connect for 10+ days, I would hold there belongings in a secure place while waiting upon his/her return. If I was to not play for 10+ days, I would notify all members by posting a thread with details. If I was to ever get banned, I would also find out a way to notify members of this.

    If you have not visited the storage center yet, there are individual teleport pads to every room. It would take you no more than 30 seconds to teleport to my res, teleport to your room, grab whatever it is you need, and return to your residence. Similarly, it would probably take you about the same amount of time to go to your chests (wherever they are on your res), search through them and walk back). 30-60 seconds to access a whole room of chests is not too much to ask for, I hope.

    I do realize that you are a Diamond Supporter, so you do have more /vault space than the average player. However, there are many, many regular players (like me) who only have 1 page of /vault space and do not really want to pay 13k (or however much it is) to buy another single page in the /vault. Therefore, having access to a secluded room with double chests would be nice, especially to store items that you have bulk amount for (i.e. - wool, wood, etc...).

    I do realize that this storage system may cause controversy and disagreement in the beginning, but I hope that eventually the doubt and suspicion will change once everyone realizes that I will not be snooping around through their belongings, as I do not have the time or desire to do so.
  10. You know that you can take your own container permissions away, right? :p
    And this is a good idea, I might do this as well
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  11. Whose to say you cant give em back for a short time? Im just saying.
  12. Point taken, the user of the unit would have to trust the owner of the residence.
  13. Pictures of the build have been added. And I may contemplate taking away my container perms, as colesta has said, if there is a permanent way to do it (where I will not be able to give them back to myself). I would just keep my chests next door on my alt at 972 (the Massive Jungle Biome...check it out :)). As I said, prices and more information will be released soon, once I figure out fair prices!
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  14. The whole trust issue will be seen as a problem to many members, however, once everyone realizes I don't have the time or desire to go snooping, all will be good.
  15. Exactly, like if I were to do the same sort of thing, people would need to realize that I am not working on one, or two, or three, but FOUR projects at this point in time. (Res 7216 and 6865 SMP3; and Res 2345 and 2341 SMP1) So I wouldn't even have the chance to stop and take a peek at the storage facility.
  16. Not that this is a bad idea, but how do I know I can trust you? If you remove container perms, you can get them back.

    @Post 9 Some diamond supporters don't have extra vault room.
  17. Im sorry but cant people just take wood, make a few chests, and there you go? for free and with out the thought of it being stolen? (not that your some type of person who would)