Storage Units on SMP1 For SALE Now!

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  1. As some of you might have seen my post under the "Share Your EMC Creations" Topic, I have designed and built a Storage Facility that contains private units with individual teleports on SMP1 residence: 864.

    These Units are FINALLY FOR SALE!

    They are all different in sizes, ranging from small units with 10-15 chests, up to larger ones with 35+ chests. The largest units still have not been built yet, but there are plenty available for them to be placed on the market. I plan on having the largest ones (probably around 8 of them) with 50-75 chests, so if you would like one of those, I would suggest waiting a few more days!

    PRICING: As for the price of the units, they will all be different values, as no unit is the same (well maybe a couple...) in terms of size or number of chests. Each unit on the second floor (smallest units) will have a base price of 150r. Each chest in the unit will add another 30r to it, so the smallest units will cost roughly 450-700r MAX. The next floor up will increase the base value by 150r, and the price of each individual chest will still be 30r. Each level you go up, the base value goes up 150r and the chests still cost 30r each. Therefore...a Unit, for example, on Floor 3 with 10 double chests and 5 single chests will cost... *whips out calculator* a grand total of 1,005r (150 + 150 + (20 * 30) + (5 * 30)). Math during Summer, what's better than that?

    All Units that are currently finished have open doors and open teleports, so feel free to browse and find one at 864 that you like, as they are all different.

    In terms of actually purchasing a Unit, try and catch me in-game on BussGIL (or my alt game_is_loading). Your other option would be to message me on the Forums to setup a time to setup and purchase your storage unit. *EDIT:* For the 5th time (correct me if I am wrong), this is allowed, as it has been approved by numerous Moderators and Staff. If you are interested in buying, please message via Forums. *EDIT*: The original thread announcing this build can be found here:
  2. Update:
    Contact one of these players who have recently bought a Storage Unit from me if you want to ask them any questions about it that you might have...
  3. um... isn't this an item bank? and is that allowed?
    (questions guhhlore[not sure how to spell that and since it's spelled wrong you don't know what I'm talking about]hehe)
  4. No, it's not an item bank, and yes it's allowed. I would not be advertising if it was not allowed, seeing as that would be breaking the rules, huh?
  5. This is a item bank... Have you received approval from staff?
    The only reason I can think of this being illegal is
    1) you stop supporting and your res goes derelict
    2) Your banned and your res goes derelict
    Both if these result in players losing items.
  6. I already ask him about this stuff way before he got to this point. He got approval from staffs.
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  7. I am SO checking this out :D
    it's like storage wars!

    I read that 100% incorrectly! xD
  8. from what bussgil said (still[still] don't know how to quote someone please tell me how in the form of PM) probably should've know since you've been on longer than me that you know what your doing
  9. From what I see, this IS just an item bank, because you're selling people rooms to store their stuff on your property when they could make chests on their own.
  10. it was moderator approved (at least from what dudelol523 says) so just drop it
  11. If a player that is storing stuff there gets banned he should auction it off like storage wars xD
  12. Also I just realized. I've met you alt before but never your gold account. Funny
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  13. This is really not much different from a Hotel which has been allowed almost from the beginning as a place for people to store things in Town. Buss has changed the idea a little and renamed it. I'd call it imaginative and creative, but not illegal.
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  14. Bump, there are plenty more units to go around. And they're cost can be paid for with the rupees earned from voting today :)
  15. Bump, many more have been sold. Only 3 more large units left
  16. Reviving this Thread from the grave.
  17. How big of units do you have left
  18. One with 20 Double Chests and one with 30 Double Chests, but I think sometime soon I'll be adding more large ones seeing as I have about 6 unused floors.
  19. How much for the 30 dc one
  20. Pricing is above :)