Upcoming Movies - 2012

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  1. Just wondering what type of movies everyone can't wait to see?

    As for me, I can't wait to see:

  2. The Bourne Legacy is really the only movie I have any interest in.
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  3. Iron Sky. Plot? NAZIS. IN. SPACE.
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  4. That looks pretty awesome.
  5. Battleship - 2012, Iron Man 3 - 2013, and Transformers 4 - 2014

    Lolz, a movie in 2012, a movie in 2013, and a movie in 2014, all that I want to see :D
  6. chernobyl diaries
    and ted
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  7. May I ask how Battleship has ANYTHING to do with the game?
  8. idk
  9. It doesn't. It's simply an example of how shamefully pathetic the film industry has become. Producers are able to make terrible movies because they can distract a mainstream audience from the nonsensical plot with explosions, abundant CGI and musicians with almost no [real] acting experience. Young audiences who are drawn to games like Call of Duty immediately line up to watch and their box office take skyrockets.
  10. Yea disney cant think of anything so their putting old movies in 3D.
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  11. You have a good point, but I actually don't play Call Of Duty, only Minecraft :D

    But that would apply to MANY young people.....
  12. I'm actually looking forward to Prometheus. From the trailers I have seen so far, it looks promising.
    What I'm not looking forward to, is Avatar 2 as the first movie was quite predictable. I feel they may rush it and spoil what could be a good franchise.
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  13. I can't wait for Prometheus either. It's just so... cool, I guess.
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  14. Are you guys kidding me?? I havent been this excited to see a movie in years! This movie is going to be amazing!!! I've watched this trailer like 10 times!
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  15. I saw Battleship.

    It's missing some critical points, but I don't think it's that awful. It admittedly had some good quotes and the CGI, while a bit too frequent, was well-made.
    Still, nothing beats a great story-driven movie that doesn't suuuck. Battleship got a 5/10 from me, so see it if you want.
  16. Prometheus' trailer has that last few seconds of screaming that makes me think, "Ugh, just...ugh." Still, doesn't look like a bad movie; in fact, I might see it.
  17. I dont know how old most of you are, but the original ALIEN came out the year before I was born and is regarded as one the best (if not the best) space science fiction movies. The director, Ridley Scott, directed another film, Blade Runner, that is also thought of as one of the most influential sci-fi movies ever made. The fact that he has returned to the series he created over 30 years ago to make a movie that stands alone as a unique movie but also a prequel is profound. I can see that todays younger generations may have a hard time understanding the impact the first Alien movie had on the way sci-fi movies were made and how blown away people were when they saw it in 1979... people had simply never seen anything like it before. If you've been watching CGI laden movies since you the day you were born I can see how it would be difficult to appreciate the original Alien for it was and its history, since the special effects were all done by hand and not a computer. But for those of us that were around when Aliens reigned as the leader of space sci-fi, we are scratching our skin like crack addicts for the day this movie is released. The buzz and excitement is very high for this film, and those that arent that intrested in it now are going to be intrested after it comes out and everyone is talking about it.
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  18. I recently watched Barbarella. Now that's a science fiction movie.
  19. Prometheus

    Yes. This is another movie that I can't wait to see!