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  1. COD Black Ops 2 looks ridiculously stupid but I'm probably ending up getting it.
    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Now that's a good story. I'm totally getting it.
    HALO4: Not sure what to make of it. Looks ok.
    Anymore good games coming out soon?
  2. I don't get black ops 2 can someone explain what the story line is? I watched the commercial like 30 times and I am having a hard time understanding it.
  3. Has to do with the past(last game), future in a new cold war against china and it's really confusing and doesn't make any sense except that warfare became more high tech and machines instead of humans. I think the bad guy in the past is out for revenge for the new guy in the future who is descended from the guy in game 1. (I'm sorry. Haven't played black ops in awhile and I'm really tired)
  4. cake min.jpg Thats what i got out of it lol

    I have gamefly, so i prolly rent Darksiders II, Sleeping Dogs, The Last Story, prolly KH3d why not, Resident Evil 6, and anything that catches my eye :p
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  5. That's what you got out of my question or the game?
  6. Only downfall to KH3D: needs 3DS. I have one but I'm annoyed that KH keeps switching platforms and being slow on KH3
  7. I played black ops 1 today and was reminded why I hate it.
  8. Lol why?
  9. The Game
    This is True they are taking their time doing that last game i played from that series was KH2, I got so bored after awhile because it maxed everything even Sephirothws was easy to beat lol played of Hard
  10. I suck at it soooo bad I can't even get past the first level.
  11. Sorry to hear lol. I'm ok. Suck at multiplayer and end up dying epicly but I'm pretty good at single player
  12. there is a cool game coming out soon its called minecraft 1.3
  13. spongebob.jpg
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  14. Still waiting patiently for Torchlight II. Legends of Pegasus looks very interesting and Orcs Must Die! 2 is sure to be just as much fun as the first.
  15. Borderlands 2 and Bioshock Infinite.
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  16. ooo how could i forget about those two :confused:
  17. Planetside 2 and X:Rebirth
  18. How about lost planet 3
  19. I'm on the fence about Guild Wars 2. It looks very fun, but I'm trying (not very well) to moderate my spending. The lack of a monthly subscription just might be the prevailing factor in my decision.