Up to 2 million Rupee Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by samrawcliffe2, Dec 19, 2014.

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  1. edit: this money was actually mine, samsimx never paid it... but i have started far too much drama here.. please expect a new contest where things will be ordered better, dont give up hope yet i am gonna save christmas...
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  2. This is not what was intended...

    I was hoping you would give the money BACK to samsimx. This is nice that you are giving it away, but it is his money, so you should ask for his permission.
  3. Um how about you give it back to samsimx!, since it seems you worked so hard to earn it >.> and its his money that you... basically harassed him for it...
    Who's with me! No one? My dad?
  4. Then why were you harassing him for the rupees in the first place?

  5. Red card! Did he ask you to return it? If he did, you are obligated to return the rupees.
  6. So um...am I the only one who A) Noticed kid's typing went from keyboard-face to perfect? B) Who feels all this is total troll situation to make everyone mad while they are all "HUEHUEHEUHEUHEUE THIS JOKE IS BEST JOKE"?
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  7. nope... i meant the samrawcliffe2 in side my head... typo... you see.. our names are the same... he's at school right now and he sent me this money a while ago...i asked a contibutor to spell check for me btw... i can type really well but i just have a garbage keyboard lol
  8. I do not think this is a troll at the moment. The trying to earn rupees this way was probably legitimate, I just cannot believe it worked. I would like to see what samsimx has to say on the subject, but until then, lets assume it is not trolling :/

    I have no idea what is going on now....
  9. At first I thought that samraw was just being a troll, but now I'm thinking that samsim is in on this too.
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  10. guys... complaining about it is not gonna help and really its just causing unncessary drama... look at all my posts, and ask yourself... did this direct quote incite community drama? no... you guys are making a huge deal out of this and it's going to get SOMEBODY in trouble... making mean posts, no matter how correct you might be deep down, has nothing to do with this giveaway... want samsimx to get his money back? answer the riddle.. send it back to him, but you should know this is just... well... middle school drama to get mad on a emc minecraft thread... it's christmas you guys... can't you lighten up?

    community drama requires a community to get angry about it... please dont make me the evil person who started this because its not what i wanted to do when i started this thread... just send me a pm for the riddle, rage at me in that if you want... but i dont want people to have to see this and get upset themselves... if someone new sees all this complaining, what if they decide to complain too, they get worked up... then their whole day might be ruined and that is on my head...
  11. Yes. It did directly cause community drama. You were spamming the page of a very nice and important member, you broke rules to get yourself two million rupees, you have it on the premise that if someone has more than you than they should "share". It does have something do to with this giveaway since it was his money you unrightfully earned from him. Don't make us solve a riddle to get rupees or even get rupees back to sam. Do the right thing and give back the rupees.

    Also, this is not middle school drama. You extorted yourself into his rupee supply, and you were breaking multiple rules, and forcing someone out of millions of rupees is NOT middle school drama. What is middle school like is playing uncle on someone's profile.
  12. alright.. i'm gonna send a consolation prize to those that asked for the riddle, then im gonna close this thread... i think you can guess what command im gonna be typing to samsimx in a bit.. hint /r pay samsimx 2,000,000 is not it, because he never paid me 2 mil and this was to come out of my own pocket... yeah, you know where i said i had 3 mil... i meant it... sam never paid me... i thought it would be a funny surprise to show everyone but i realize now that i made a mistake... i feel terrible now and you can bet my day is going to be a bit worse off.. sorry to everyone that took this the wrong way... i am an alt of a very sad community member now.. gonna be deleting all my posts on sams wall too... done..
  13. So, I assume this was a "Joke" as well? http://empireminecraft.com/threads/...ome-true-thank-you-samsimx.45855/#post-852670
    I'm not going to call you a liar, but these two threads directly contradict each other. The EMC forums are composed of primarily mature teens/young adults, and I think I can speak for the rest of us when I say all we want is an apology, not this...
  14. Well I'll be damned :/

    I really hope this is true, but I do not think it is. If so, why would you spam samsimx's profile and provide screen shots of him paying you rupees?
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  15. When you do your new contest be clear that the rupees are yours and not 'scammed' from another player. Our community has good morals and this contest went against those morals.
    I was contemplating removing the 2 million rupees since you admitted that you gained it from begging which is against our rules, luckily I investigated and realise that you never begged the rupees.
  16. It should be noted: that overly trolling is highly inappropriate, and can result in punishment to ALL associated accounts.
    You have our attention.
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