Untamed Ocelots All Vanished

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  1. So as there are hardly any ocelot eggs to be found anywhere despite a high demand for them on the server, I thought I'd start breeding.

    When I placed a whole bunch of ocelots on my res and left the area, they all disappeared immediately. Ocelots take time to grow up, and I don't really want to sit there waiting. Plus, if I lose my connection, I don't want to lose all my untamed ocelots. Also, although I can have fish ready, I needed to go get fish in this case.

    I'm just wondering if this is typical expected behaviour, and why ocelots disappear like that. Now I need to fill a huge chest with raw fish and just stand in one place until they grow up, hoping nothing happens to my internet, and thankfully I only placed one stack of ocelot eggs.
  2. Strangely enough I also lost a "tamed" kitten about 10 or 15 mins. ago. :eek:
  3. Ocelots that are untamed have always disappeared quickly.
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  4. Tame ocelots and breed them. They shouldn't despawn after that.
  5. Ocelots are buggy, you can tame and fence and leash them and they will still be gone in the morning
  6. I understand having some mobs disappear to prevent server lag, but I believe ocelots are rare enough that they shouldn't cause it. I was literally gone less than 30 seconds. I'm still actively using the ocelots.

    Tamed ocelots do not appear to despawn. So why should untamed ocelots?
  7. ocelots are considered a wild animal when untamed and are not immune to despawn. this is vanilla mechanics...

    but there's another way to make it easier... Right click on a cat with an ocelot egg, and it will spawn as a tamed cat instead of a wild ocelot.

    This too is vanilla behavior.
  8. Ocelots have mostly always vanished quick...
  9. Well this is annoying. I teleported and now they're all sitting. Sitting cats do not breed :(

    And now a couple of them have teleported into the area between a fence and solid block. I can't eggify or interact with them.