[Unofficial Thread]Yes, EMC is Down | Don't make threads please

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by mba2012, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Yes, EMC servers are current inaccessible. Please don't spam threads, it's not nice for anyone.

    This is an unofficial notice, I don't know what the problem is. I do suspect that it is an issue with the server host itself and not a Minecraft or Bungee server crash.

    Taken from another thread
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  2. You just made another thread :(
  3. IKR? .... But idc :)
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  4. If Jack's allowed to tell people not make another thread, then I am :p

    At least there won't be any more :p
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  5. brb making thread
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  6. I don't really think players should try to get involved. Just sit back and let staff handle it.
  7. I is bored, no EMC :(
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  8. Same :(
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  9. At least now I have time to do the work on my PC that I needed, while EMC is down there's no point in doing anything else ^.^
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  10. And what exactly is one to do with ones time when emc is down?
  11. Jack is staff though... :oops:
  12. We could... go outside. :confused:

  13. _Never_ go outside. It's rule #1. Stay in the bunker until the fallout clears.. it may take years.. but at least we have EMC
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  14. Wow. Weve been asking for a 2 hour school delay for FOREVER, and we get it and EMC is down. :(
  15. I'm not going outside................. outside is for boring people who don't know how to stay inside and game.............
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  16. I'm about to go to bed.
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  17. I wish I could, while the lucky son of a gun mossi got no school, we only got 2 hours of delay, so I cant sleep no more.
  18. I've just tried watching TV ( to pass the time ) ........... it was horrible................. I'm not doing that again.............
  19. Over the last 2 hours, while EMC has been down, I have:
    - Edited and converted/compressed my first EMC video, with software I just installed tonight. And it appears to have come out just right. (Though I have NO idea what i'm doing, so the result is really amateur) - EDIT: I don't want to post it to youtube, it was just a test-run before I record something interesting. :)
    - Attempted to design a fast efficient flower farm design, and failed. Though one design shows some promise.
    - Spammed the EMC forum's with pointless banter
    - Watched a crappy movie (I have to review them, sometimes tedious)
    - Made ham and cheese toasties with chopped up mars bar inside (I'll try anything once).
    - Reinstalled Win XP on an old machine for the kids to use (albet, network card isn't responding yet, guess i need to find a driver for it).
    - Pondering if I should continue with something else, or head to bed....
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  20. Is now having a panic attack......................