Unofficial - Current EMC/MC/Bukkit Bug and Update List

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  1. Hey guys. I thought I would just create one central place for people to go to when reporting/looking for bugs online in MC. Feel free to make this official, however this list is going to be as simple as I can and I will remove bugs as they are fixed.

    The goal is for everyone to be able to use one thread to report, check bugs and see what's coming. Feel free to ask related questions. I will research and give as much information as I can in how to prevent, update ETA, ect.


    Multiplayer service bugs/Bukkit errors and

    - General Java errors - caused when signed in for an extreme amount of time or other status that doesn't allow Minecraft to be accessed (computer sleep mode, ect.)
    - "Minecraft has run out of memory" - most likely you have performed an action that removed/added a lot of blocks in game, ect.
    - "Can't connect to" when signing in - Mojang servers are probably offline or your log in details were incorrect. Mojang server status at

    In-game bugs/glitches with MC, EMC and Bukkit:

    - Not able to sell tools/weapons with 3 and 4 enchantments in player shops - Fix with shop update.
    - Chest/door lagging with 1.4 update - fix TBA
    - Can't sell an item to a player shop willie holding it, sometimes you have to switch current held item around too - fix TBA
    - Can't create player shop when sign is on block touching the player shop sign - "another player shop detected"
    - When walking and digging, you glitch into an invisible block. Caused by breaking blocks too fast (MC can't handle it)
    - Waterflow flag possibly being reset after 1.4.-?

    Coming updates for EMC:

    - Dragon tomb! - December 2012? - probably the first of the new updates to be released and in early production, along with wild updates.
    - Shop updates! - Q1 2013 - very, extreme early planning.
    - PVP (specific server only) - TBA
    - Supporters don't lose their res when ending supportership. An update is planned to allow players to change their first, second, ect. res. All res's except first will be reset with this update - TBA
    - Rupees paying on the forums is on Justin's list.

    Please report the other (mildly-important) bugs to me here or in a PM :)
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  2. If you have a bug, report it to me! :)

    Thanks to:

    - Thestar19
    - pat2011
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  3. Possibly, but I would like people to suggest more bugs, things that I've missed first :)
  4. Nice thread!
  5. Thanks :)
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  6. Added more bugs, remember to post bugs I've missed here guys! :)
  7. I'll use this if I come across any new critters :D
  8. Yay! :)
  9. The lack of minimoose -.-
  10. Huh? Haha
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  11. I typed in Current Bukkit Bugs on google this was the first thing that showed up :D

    A few bugs , source
    Torch flame graphical glitch resulting in a torch's flame flickering randomly on the screen. This is a Minecraft bug that can't be fixed by Bukkit.

    Client displays "Unable to locate sign" debug messages under certain circumstances. This is a Minecraft client change that can't be fixed by Bukkit

    Monsters, villagers, etc. using portals (added in Minecraft 1.4) has been temporarily disabled.
  12. Thanks for the help but this is not so much important so I might leave it out :)
  13. You mean that bug where if you put a piston underwater you get infinate diamonds?
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  14. You troll
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  15. The main post could use an update. Most of those we're fixed in 1.4.5 - haven't heard of chest rollback or any bad packet stuff.

    The roadmap has so much on it - but I'm not sure what's all secret and not, so I'll poke the Aikar.
  16. As some have found out already - I suppose I can post it. The level cap for anvil related stuff is gone - intentionally.
  17. On it, I've been quite busy :)
  18. Fixed most things, edited
  19. Its not a bug, it can be changed in the Config of ChestShop, its so that it doesn't get confused with so many chests near signs that it will sell things to a player from another players chest.