Unleash the Kraken

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  1. In the survival update, several new mobs were added, such as Marlix, Momentus, and Enraged mobs. This is great, and it got me thinking about other custom mobs that could be added in the future. I came up with the idea of Krakens! I'm not exactly sure how this would work from a technical standpoint, but I think they would be able to spawn like normal squids, except move around faster and somehow attack the player. Maybe another mob could ride on them? Or a variant of Marlix that rides a squid? I think it would be really fun and cool to have a mob that introduces naval combat :D
  2. Really? the kraken? :D AWESOME OVERLOAD
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  3. Never going in the wild again...*hides in town for the rest of time*
  4. oh god, i afk boat out to one of my outposts
  5. *Tames kraken*
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  6. Mobs have speed boosts, I think they could be given to squids, too.
    Sethbling created an MCEdit filter that allows mobs to be stacked. Marlix riding a Kraken! *runs away*

    Awesome idea!
  7. A kraken is included in my MC "Dream Update". Only difference from your idea is that its also giant.
  8. Making squids aggro and giving them x5 the size.. very fast.. and it would shoot ooze(like Tnt)
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  9. Well yeah it would be cool if it could be giant... I'm just not sure that's possible to do without heavy modding. The only reason we have giants now is because Vanilla MC came with them programmed, just not implemented.
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  10. I...want...a....marlix...bow....XD
  11. In 1.7, I hear they plan to make the ocean biome better. So who knows :D
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  12. yes, just yes.
  13. Actually, in the Essentials plugin, there IS a /kraken command that summons a squid that does the following:
    1. Jumps to the nearest player every 1-1.5 seconds
    2. Has lightning strike on it immediately after it jumps to the player, don't know if damaging or not :p
    3. Has the damage sound of a Ghast being damaged (screaming)
    I don't know how much damage it causes, but it has about 20 health (10 hearts), and when summoned via /kraken (or /kraken <player> to summon on them), a message saying "[player who did command] has unleashed the Kraken!"
    Download the Essentials plugin, run it on a local server of yours, and test it out if you want! :p
  14. That is awesome. Thank you so much.
  15. Cool idea, although i would rather it be a boss than a common mob...that would make me forever afraid of the ocean :)
  16. We are going to need better boats. Maybe an iorn boat. or a multi person boat cunstructed much the same way you can construct a golem.
  17. you and me both Krysyyjane, at this rate, i'm never gonna get to safely go mining again :eek:
  18. I think that I might just move back to town, build a underground bunker and hide in it... Then I'd be safe from the kraken and An ICC TNT attack. *digs big hole in the ground*