United States Marine Corps Memorial!

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  1. I am hoping this is the right section to put this, if it is not someone please message me and I'll remove it/move it where it belongs.

    So for the past couple of weeks now I have dedicated all of my time on the Empire towards creating this memorial to the USMC. The actual building is just a blown-up version of their emblem, but it is made of iron/gold blocks, so to me that is significant. On the inside I am putting the Name-First and last- date of death, and age of death of as many Marines as possible, working from present day backwards. There's a lot of blocks, which leaves a lot of room for names. If anyone has a specific name that they would like in the Memorial that I may not get to please message me and I will make sure to add it.

    Another reason for my posting this is that this project does need donations, because it has a deadline. My brother is in Marine Corps boot camp right now and he will be getting back in 3 1/2 weeks from today. I am trying to finish by the time that he arrives home, which is going to be impossible without donations from the Empire community. I know this because I did the math, and with the average rupees of a Diamond Supporter daily, plus the time I spend mining for iron, I still do not have even half of the amount of blocks necessary. And lately, at least in Smp-1, the price of iron has gone up slightly, but I don't know how it is in the other servers. Either way, donations would be greatly appreciated!

    If anyone on here does decide to consider donating please send me a personal message detailing your name and how much you donated, so that I can properly add your name to the list of patrons.

    If you would like to know what the Memorial looks like so far, visit 1797 on Smp-1 or the residence of pat2011. The website is not letting me upload any of the pictures of it, sorry :(

    Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

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  2. Sounds cool. Can't wait to see it finished.
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  3. This is good for the community. Every day I think about the marines who risk thier lives for our freedom. Not only do I think about the marines in the current war, but also all the marines in WWI, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the civil war.

    I can't imagine my grandpa being in a trench in Germany. Yes he lived, but many others did not.

  4. My 2 oldest sons are Marines... THANK YOU....
    I will be proud to help.... :)
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  5. Thank you for your support :)
  6. WWII... well not exactly marines, air force engineer in the pacific, still flew the planes. I will still donate when I have the time, rupees, ect.
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  7. A reminder to anyone out there who has not seen this yet, donations are still greatly needed/appreciated. I will not be on as much because I am currently trying to fix my computer, and am running on some 12 year old computer I found in the garage :) Hopefully I will be up and running soon.
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  8. My brother was a scout sniper in the Marines, fought in Fallujah and was wounded. Delta Company "Outlaws"
    Semper Fi, till I die. Oorah.
  9. I would really donate if i could... But im too poor :( but elsewise id donate 100k to this if i had it.

    My father is a usmc reserve who fought in quate. He is still around, but i know others arent and id like to thank them much for their sacrifice to this country.
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  10. Tomorrow i will donate 19k. Looking forward to seeing this built, and to its staying for all the days of the empire. :)
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  11. I will gladly help you build this project!
  12. <- Marine . I want to donate if it's still needed, and add a name. Semper Fidelis

    Also a worthy 100th post. :)
  13. Just an update:
    This is memorial is almost complete! I would not like any other people to donate towards the memorial however, because there is very little left to be done. I will be finishing up with the minor details, such as interior. I would also just like to say thank you to everyone who has helped towards this cause. It is, in my opinion, one of the more significant builds the Empire has had in a while. The official release of the interior will be posted when it is finished, due to the significant number of names :(
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  14. My friend's 20 year old friend was gunned down while serving :( I wish i'd have seen this earlier to donate.
  15. It is an amazing thing, what he did. Serving in the military is the ultimate sacrifice, and he is proof of this. I am sorry for your loss, and I thank him for his service.
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  16. Oh, and also, I plan to go into the Marines when i'm older, but my parents said that I shouldn't. For obvious reasons. I have anger & emotional issues, someone dies, I have a 99.99% chance of breaking down and being an easy target, or I could go on a potential killing spree (getting myself killed in the process) if one of my fellow team-mates die. Not that they'd let me in if they knew I would do this...but, oh well. My friends also want to do it.

    I really do want to serve though, but if that was to happen, I wouldn't be able to go after my life-long dream, which is developing games, a thing I have wanted to do since I was 5. I've been making them since I was 9 in a basic programming language, and at 11 I moved onto programming in Java.
  17. I visited the memorial and you did a fantastic job. Is there anything left to be done that I can help with by donating?

    Two of my good high school friends are marines and others in the army. I love seeing a build like this on EMC.
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  18. You may want to remove the part about my res as I have moved reses.
  19. If I could donate I would. Hope to see some pictures soon. :)