#Unicorns!!!! (Group)

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to start something new! I'm starting a Unicorn Group. So, to be in the group you have to change your avatar to a unicorn and change your skin to a unicorn girl/boy. (Changing Skin is optional).

    How do we join the group? (More information).
    All you have to do is change your avatar. Like I said, skin changing is optional. Then, you tell me what number you want.

    What are numbers?
    Numbers are places you're in. By all meaning, you pick a number. You tell me which number you want to be in the group. That's what numbers are.

    Unicorn Information? What about it?
    I took Number 1, of course. I own the group. Also, to join you can PM me!! (Press, or click, this link!!: PM Link). Also, if you PM me about the Unicorn Club it means you're sending me a forum PM. By meaning, down below is the forum application to be a mod, admin, or stuff like that for the group.

    What's the forum to be an Admin in the group or something like that?
    Here's the way you need to send it to me:

    Username: HelloKittyRo
    Part: I wanna apply to be owner.
    Please tell me the questions now.

    Thanks for reading!!
    Enjoy your day! Baiii!
  2. Numbers you can get:
    You can get up to 10 for now. (Will add more if needed).

    1: HelloKittyRo
  3. Takeover of unicorns? The world must be ending :eek:
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  4. Yep. That's what's happening. Watch out.
    *Jumps on f_builder_s*
    I'ma fat unicorn.. hehe.
  5. #InB4ThisWasAThing
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  6. Do you want a number? :3
  7. Krysyy is becoming a hipster. Everyone, prepare the nuclear shelters.
  8. Nah I'm good. Didn't do it for this group thing.
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  9. I just have to say, Caden, I find your signature hilariously ironic for this thread.
  10. Ah, Keph. Always pointing out irrelevant but funny things that make you laugh when you have nothing else to do. ;)
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  11. Kk.