Unexplained death

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  1. Was at my mob grinder and somehow died...no mobs had access to me. oh well lost some good stuff
  2. Your most recent death:
    "johnnyn5 was shot by Skeleton"
  3. dem skellies be climbin' in your windows, they be snatchin' yo people up!
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  4. Make sure your grinder has extra protection from skellies - or secure your entrances.
  5. You cant beat the mods
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  6. Square even records what the skeleton was thinking at the time they slew you, it was:
    "This is what you get for killing my undead posse." :p
  7. I'm sure EMC has some plugin that spawns 1 mob in a closed, full lighted area to kill you so you won't cause to much lag lol
  8. Your stuff will not despawn until the chunk has been loaded for 5 mins. The chunk is only loaded if a player is near it. If your grinder is in an isolated area, there is a very good chance your items are still there.
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  9. If he was afk though when he died - the death screen keeps the chunk loaded
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  10. lolololol
  11. I have learned that lesson the hard way :(
  12. Yup - it has to do that to show the player where he died. On another note i'm going to trek out into the wild to look for a place to grind.
  13. I grind on utopia :D
  14. On topic to the original post: I've very nearly been killed by jumps off of a block one higher onto one one lower when low on health. It hasn't gotten me yet, but there is most definitely something very wrong with EMC here in the jump height falling calculation. This has happened to my roommate Trayel too, and it has only happened on EMC (I go to other servers a lot and also SSP).
  15. Happened to bobertrobert at Legit's wild camp the other day. Took fall damage from a fall of one block, he said:

    "Minecraft, go home. You're drunk"

    And then his house almost burnt down in a freak lightning & thunderstorm.
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  16. That's a very common 1.3 glitch, happens alot, sadly. :(
  17. That isn't strictly EMC - and of course it doesn't always happen either so it makes it difficult to pin-point where the issue lies.

    I have worried about the same thing - but also try not to run around with half a heart of health
  18. I make an AFK area so I can avoid what just happened... Although when I pretend to be a zombie, I die anyway. How does that happen? I have armor on, and I still die from the same height.
  19. Normal armor (not enchanted by either protection (I, II, III, or IV) or featherfalling (on boots ofc) won't decrease fall damage.