Unexpected condition that prevents me from joining servers ??

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  1. Today i tried joining EMC and this message popped up, same thing happened why i tried joining any other server, i tried switching MC versions, or using unmoded versions of MC.
    Anyway i tried quite a few things but nothing helped so i wanted to ask if any of you know how to fix this. :confused:
    Thanks for your time and i hope you can help me solve this. :p

    Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 17.34.12.png
  2. You're not on your own, I'm getting the very same message :(
  3. I get this too, must be a problem somewhere along the lines then :confused:
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  5. just to confirm i'm also getting this message. i'm sure mojang will fix things soon :D

    but i also noticed when i'm playing my single player, i have some weird skin i've never seen in my life.. i thought it was the default for the texture pack i was using, so i changed that, but it was still the same.. so i don't know what that is about.. also, minecraft.net isn't even allowing me to sign in to change that skin... i changed my password just in case, but nothing involving minecraft seems to be working correctly for me right now.
  6. Microsoft have started messing things up for us already! lol
  7. Microsoft obviously does not like us? nice first impressions xD :p
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  8. Ha Ha Ha with Microsoft we could have really predicted this! lol
  9. These are not microsoft issues. Right now Mojang's servers are controlled by Amazon, so they are responsible for these issues. Mojang has always had server issues which they were blamed for since the dawn of time.
  10. same here
  11. I believe you but for now its fun to hate on Microsoft! lol
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  12. haha xD
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  13. Yep same message here ):
  14. Same Issue. Cannot play :(
    I begin to dislike too big companies.
  15. Same here!
  16. You should be able to log in now
  17. Fixed that for you.