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  1. Undertale is a game that a majority of people have fallen in love with since it came out in Sept. 2015, what is Undertale you ask?

    In this game you will meet tons of friends to either fall in love with or murder its all up to you.

    You can buy it from Steam or direct from the website @ Undertale
    I decided to make this forum not only for people to talk about what they loved in the game but also to spread the awareness of such an amazing game. I enjoyed it not only for the characters but also the story and especially the music. I think that it would make a perfect Christmas present for any of your friends that love games where you can easily fall in love with the characters.
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  2. Props to my #2 favorite Skele bro Papyrus

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  3. This actually doesn't look too bad!
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  4. For those wondering it is $9.99 on Steam.
  5. Reading this and seeing how all the people play this game fills you with determination
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  6. Incase anyone would like to listen to the songs :
    This is a playlist for every song extended(they are adding more & more everyday)
    This is a playlist to dual mixes: Dual mixes are when they mix the songs from the game with songs people make in real life
    This is a playlist for music box versions of the songs (they are adding more)
    Bonus: anotherplaylist that extends the dual mixes
  7. I need this.
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  8. Just a hint: There are two ways to play this game,you can either love everything or kill everything its called the Pacifist and Genocide routes

    if you choose to do the Pacifist route you cant kill anything,you must stay at 0 xp & 20 health never gaining anything but gold.

    I would recommend doing the pacifist route first as you fall in love with the characters and it makes the genocide route feel even more evil.
  9. Undertale has managed to keep my attention well after a month of me finishing up with it, and I'd certainly place it as my favorite game of this year.
    It's a very good example of using gameplay mechanics alongside story, using games to convey a strong message, and allowing for player freedom. That's just from a design aspect.
    The characters in this game are all great, and the gameplay is fun and satisfying. The humor is great and the game can really deliver a punch to the kidneys, in an emotional sense. It's really hard to go into detail about how much I love this game without spoiling it, and I'm one of those people who think this is a game you should go in blind. I regret not going in completely blind, myself.
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  10. i just beat the true pacifist route. one of the best video game endings i have ever seen and i have 263 games on steam alone.
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  11. now have fun with the genocide route MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  12. *bathes in the blood of genocide final boss* that.. was... FUN!
  13. Overrated game,but I can understand why...
  14. Seems like an interesting game. Not many RPGs make the main aspect of the game the morality system. But it does seems like a nice idea and has gained big popularity as far as I'm concerned. I just may try it.
  15. there is a demo on the site for people to try if they dont feel like buying it yet
  16. Want to share libraries :p
  17. If you can't tell, I enjoy this game quite a bit :p
    The final bosses of this game really work wonders. The final boss of the neutral ending was the best reveal I've ever seen, and the True Pacifist run boss is just great.

    Don't talk about the genocide run. I'm on 29 so far.

  18. Good-natured fun. Wacky hi-jinks.
  19. I like the look of this game! Too bad I'm too cheap to buy it. I'm probably going to keep playing the demo over and over again.