Underhelm (SMP2 Thing I am Making)

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  1. So, not exactly sure what to call what I am making on smp2 with several friends, but here's the basics of it.

    I went underground a decent distance from the nearest outpost (still not far enough away to ESTABLISH whatever that means but not in range of any active sites, at least I think anyway) and built a miniature town with farms and what not. Still developing and expanding and has been pretty fun so far, place has been amazing for mining (yes frontier is not meant for mining but when you're making a town underground it's a given) and we already have a decent following.

    Not sure what to call this place, a town, an outpost, whatever, it just kind of exists, thus why I named it the SMP2 "thing". So if you wanna join in on the fun, get a house, help expand and mine, by all means come to SMP2 and check out the thing I made. Cords are 200, 13420 if you wanna come check it out.

    Oh yeah and no griefing or looting thanks.
  2. I ultimately forgot to mention the easy way to get here: Just go to south outpost, keep going south, there will be a bridge, take the bridge until it goes under a mountain, after you go under the mountain just make a left. Horses make this entire process a lot faster but keep in mind it's still a few minute ride.
  3. looks fun! might come out sometime
  4. Vegetabump
  5. I will come check out today:)