Unclaimed Residences number many

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  1. There are many unclaimed residences throughout every server. Smp9 for example has more than 70 unclaimed residences, more than any other server! This is not good for some people because some people may see many residences on a server that are open, and then promptly get diamond supporter on many different accounts to claim as much as possible for themselves.

    We should go on a huge advertising campaign on as many different websites to attract as many new players as possible to fill these empty residences. Our post on PlanetMinecraft and the Minecraft forums aren't enough according to me.
  2. Wouldn't it be good if people got diamond supporter on many accounts and claimed residences for themselves? More diamond supporters, more money for EMC, more stuff for us.. I don't think it will happen though.

    There are a lot of derelict residences too. Around my lots there are quite a few over 100 days old. People can force claim them, but who wants to spend 5k rupees when they can get an open rez. So no neighbors for me :( - well less I think one next to me someone still uses.
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  3. Doing this would kick in the derelict system which would unclaim 60 more..

    But this would be a good thing :)

    The system tries to keep 30-60 open to ensure new players have options for choosing a res.
  4. Lets get Mojang to give us a shoutout xD
    Like that would ever happen
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  5. theres not 60 unclaimed res on smp9