Unbreakable III, Fortune III, Efficiency IV Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Diamond pickaxe, unbreakable III, fortune III, efficiency IV, unused.
    starting big: 6,000r.
    increments: 500r.
    Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid.
    I will set up a chest for the winner at my SMP4 lot after the winner pays.

    The last bidder will own the pickaxe, good luck!
  2. How come nobody bids on this? :D
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  3. duhhhhhh....
  4. 10,000r jk 300r
  5. nick, why are you surprised? Search the forum and you'll see that prices over 20k for such picks are not uncommon.

    You have most chances to get this at level 45-50. You need to kill about 1000 mobs to be there. Then you you go to your enchantment room and hope to get enchantment of this level. When you finally get it (and it can take very long), you apply the enchantment to the pickaxe, and hope to be lucky enough to not get Efficiency IV for all your effort. Chances to get this combination for level 50 are only 7.5%.

    No surprise these items are so expensive.
  6. Heck I used 42 levels and only got a silk touch I last night. :(

    Oh yeah...1st post as Gold Member! :D
  7. you are lucky :)
    I just spend 49 level and got only unbreaking III :(
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  8. That's exactly what I said, 16k for such pick is very low price :)
  9. Looks like a new record for the lowest price for such pickaxe :cool:
  10. There are 4 more hours before 24 hours pass.
  11. Hmm sounds interesting
  12. I am rescinding my bid. I just enchated one myself. I do apologize. Happy bidding!
  13. I wished the auction worked here like in Warcraft - when you bid the money is taken from you and when someone overbids you, you get it back.
  14. I woulda totally kept my bid going, but i just got the very same pick for free. lol Well it cost me 42 xp
  15. This confuses me, does it make Kieboom the winner because it's been 24 hours since he posted or the time has been reset because nightmare bidded before Kieboom's time ran out?
  16. I think he wins now. I am sorry for causing confusion...