Um.. Is this normal?

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  1. Hey guys i just got back from school and i looked at my computer (AFK all day at spawner) and i noticed a Creeper and a zombie pigmen sitting there in the corner of my base... so i went got my sword, killed them then went to put my sword back up and noticed coming around the corner in my railway system... well here it is..

    So is this normal?
  2. Does that lead to your nether portal? If so, yes this is normal. Zombie Pigmen will spawn next to portals.
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  3. I thought they made rules about keeping mob count 200 or less while grinding,sir.
  4. I have someone in my family kill them ever so often, Sir :)

    but they ride mine carts? Lol...
  5. All mobs ride minecarts, I believe ghast do too.
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  6. What are you referring to?... The new mob limiter lets us go up to 250 mobs, so its ok to go to that level (i believe).
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  7. What?! :eek:

    I wanna see a creeper ride one :3

    Anyway i never saw that before, i guess cause i dont use them very often :3
  8. I've been this level... it didnt go up at once, im just grinding for score right now not enchantments :)
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  9. He seems to be relaxing, Why did you kill him? :eek: Lol
  10. Highest I've been was like.. not even 100 and it took long to level.
  11. Im talking about the amount of mobs present to kill, which is what i think he was talking about:p
  12. Yes. It's completely normal. All mobs ride Minecarts.
  13. Even Withers xD
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  14. You are either AFK all day or not. Can't be both.
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  15. So do EnderDragons if you work it correctly.
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  16. Um... while im at school i have my brother that is out of school kill them ever so often..So no "mob cap" is reached.

    Yes it takes foreverrrr, i havnt enchanted anything in about 3 days haha
  17. I didnt :3 he disappeared haha:)
  18. All mobs will automatically ride in a minecart if they make contact with it.
  19. I've seen skeles do that before at my grinder on utopia :p