Ultimate Helmet?

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  1. Ultimate Helmet.PNG
    Yes, this Golden Helmet does actually have ALL Enchantments in Minecraft.
    List of Enchantments:
    Protection 10
    Fire Protection 10
    Blast Protection 10
    Projection 10
    Respiration 10
    Aqua Affinity 10
    Feather Falling 10
    Power 10
    Punch 10
    Flame 10
    Infinity 10
    Unbreaking 10
    Fortune 10
    Sharpness 10
    Smite 10
    Bane of Arthropods 10
    Knockback 10
    Fire Aspect 10
    Looting 10

    No, this is not Sparta, it's Madness...

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    And its not madness nor sparta! Its Patrick!
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  3. Hmm, what enchantment mod do we know that does this?

    Oh yeah! TooManyItems
  4. Actually, in this case, no.
    Too Many Items can't add the enchantments which aren't specific to the item.
    In this case, it seems he made use of some MCEdit filters to put them on and rename it like that.
  5. Oh yes. Forgot that bit. Must have been a enchant plugin on a bukkit server or a mod. Could be MCEdit like you said.
  6. Actyally, TooManyItems can do that.
    I only realised this today. :p
  7. It can an' all
  8. Single Player commands and an Anvil?
  9. Missed that? And you complain at me! Tut tut tut.
  10. Someday, I'll anvil together an ultimate set of tools and armor.
  11. How? I tried it toady, to no avail...