Ultimate Azalea Starter Kit

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  1. Items:
    1 DC of Flowering Azalea Leaves
    3 DCs of Reg Azalea Leaves
    1 SC of Azaleas
    1 SC of Flowering Azaleas

    Starting bid: 5k
    Minimum bid increase: 100
    Preview and pickup: SMP8 17765 business (against the back wall)

    Looking to sell the new azalea plants or decorate a huge plant build? Well have I got the auction for you! With all these goodies, you can spread flowers everywhere and make a bee paradise.
    The flowering varieties of azaleas and leaves can both breed and be used by bees to make honey. The flowering leaves are a game changer for any kind of honey farm!

    Be sure to grab this deal while it's hot!

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  2. going down eh? lol
  3. that was supposed to be a 17k :eek: dang numbers are next to each other
  4. tanks got it typed right. wont fight them on that