Uhhh.... No kidding?

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  1. Soooo many guests showed up to my tree funeral. To be honest I think not all of them were invited.

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  2. . . .A tree funeral?
  3. Well, it wasn't exactly planned, it was a spontaneous tree funeral.
  4. heh this is a client bug. If you leave the death screen up, the game constantly shows monsters spawning around you that are not actually there.
  5. That scared me for a moment. If you hadn't told me the cause, I might've never gone into the frontier again! :p
  6. Ah ha! So they weren't invited...
  7. sounds like sleep paralysis to me
  8. It totally freaked me out from a "OMG THE TPS MUST BE 0" point of view when I first saw it haha.
  9. Oh, so they're the ghosts of all the mobs that have been killed there, and since he's dead too, he can see them. :O
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  10. I...see...dead...people :eek:
    (they want their heads back)
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  11. So this happened because I fell asleep while playing. I was breeding sheep for their heads.

    I just realized earlier today that I fell asleep... while counting sheep.

    How cliche is that? :p
  12. Huh. Did you at least let them use the buffet?
  13. This is Minecraft, everything is cliched... :p
  14. I don't know because I was only there in spirit. ;)
  15. I think I will try this now. k, bye *-*