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Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by HxCami10, Sep 19, 2012.

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  1. Whats up with this?
    I just tried to uninstall Minecraft and go to www.minecraft.net to reinstall and now the webpage isnt even working.
    Can someone help me?

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  2. Just a problem with the server's best to just wait for it to be fixed
  3. mc server is down, just wait a while
  4. at least two other posts on this already
  5. Like when I go to is it is giving me my ISP's "Website Suggestions"
    I just wanna get on and build this cobble gen I found!!
  6. :D Maybe they are releasing the pumpkin pie update!!
  7. it's back up
  8. My minecraft.net still isnt loading
  9. That's set for Halloween.
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  10. When I read this I got really excited. Pumpkin is my favorite and I even tweeted Jeb and told him we should be able to make Pumpkin Pie since all pumpkin does is make lanterns.
  11. Since it is working now - I am going to take this time to mention that Tomorrow for me (Today for some others) is the release of a new 1.4 snapshot. Who knows if they will be adding more features - but there will at least be bug fixes
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  12. It probably thinks that you havent boughten the game yet. But you have because you are logged in.
  13. ...
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